Holland is wiping out Spain 4-1 in the 2nd half! Woohoo!
World Cup starts tomorrow!!! Too bad 2 of my 3 favorite teams probably won't make it out of the group stage (USA and England). And Holland..
I have Mario Kart 8!... but I decided to download Wind Waker HD right away, so I need to wait 1 1/2 hours before I can start MK8, hahaha!
No Dry Bones in Mario Kart 8 makes me a sad panda.
Peggle 2 is out now for the 360!!! Peggle Peggle Peggle Peggle PEGGLE!!! Today is going to be a good day.
Fixed PS2 AV cable issue. Finally finished off Shadow of the Colossus. Well worth the effort, though not sure I'll do the unlocked modes.
Went to play my PS2 for the first time in over a year to finally finish off Shadow of the Colossus. AV port is busted. There goes that idea.
SimCity 2013 is FINALLY playable offline! This fixes the region resource system between cities. Finally have a reason to go back to playing.
Okay, Hearthstone is actually pretty fun. A lot simpler than Magic was for me. Only 48 more days until Peggle 2 on the 360!
Peggle 2 for the 360 releases on May 7th! 63 days to go! PEGGLE! PEGGLE! PEGGLE! PEGGLE! I gotta have it, man! It's the good stuff!
Happy birthday to Stitch, I hope you become rich; enjoy life in the 20's, because 30's are a bitch! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Peggle 2 is out!... on a console I'll never buy. Blargh! When is it coming to the 360!? Heck, I'd settle for a PC version!
After playing Diablo 3 with a gamepad, I don't want to play an ARPG without one... but I just found a gamepad mod for TL2, so life is good.
Civilization V: Brave New World is out! Time to lose myself again. Just one... more... turn...
PEGGLE 2!!! [explodes]
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