"The Master of the Names Movie..show...er...page thing"

This is your fate!If you don't read this.

Welcome we have a great mov..sho..page for you today.You will read about why I chose to be called The Master of the Names,my acheivment list,and if theres time my request segment.Before we get started I have a few things to say.If your not reading this then start reading.If you are reading this then why the hell are you,don't you have better things to do with your time.Sorry,well let's get started.For the last few weeks I have been receiving PM's,who am I kidding no I haven't,asking why I call my self the master of the names.Well it's a funny story......

I have been called by many different names:

MLB,Mighty,Lu Bu,Mighty Lu Bu,Lt.,Lt.Mighty,Lt.Commander Mighty,Lt.Potter,Lt.Commander Potter and Lance Corporal Potter.So I decided to call my self the Master of the Names.

OK,we have a live calle..typer.Hello?
I wish to know why you've been called by those names.
Why are you called by those names.
I don't understand you.
Seman esoht yb dellac uoy era yhw?
Oh why didn't you just ask?
Why you .................

Sorry we are experiencing foul language.Please stand by.

And we are back..crap.......

Sorry someone just let lose some gas and it stinks.Please stand by.

And we are bac......

Sorry we are experiencing a full scale riot.Please stand by.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.What..huh..oh.sorry.We are back and since some one asked meanly I will not answer his question.Well since an angel told me to tell you all I will.I'll list a few since I think most yall should know why.Here goes.....

Lt.Mighty and Lt.Commander Mighty-I was given the rank Lt.Commander(i think rest explains it self)
All the Potter names:I read Harry Potter,thats why.
Lance Corporal Potter:changed rank to Lance Corporal and the Potter reason.

Ok,so it wasn't a funny story.I had to say something to keep you reading.Well it's time for a quick commercial bre....wait there aren't any commercial breaks.At least until FOX buys this.Then there will be so many commercials it'll put you to sleep,sort of like this.Anyways,it's the moment somebody in the world might of been waiting for my great list of acheivments.....

My Acheivment list
2nd,2nd,3rd,4th,4th,5th and 6th place
1-2 in 3 kingdom showdown
1-1 tag-round(partners with Dark,sorry Dark)
0-4 in siderounds
1-1-1 in MZH's tournament
2-0 in sudden death
judge for the 2 highest scoring rounds
promoted to Lt.Commander
adopted title the Master of the Names
Winner of the most terrible performance award
only person stupid enough to use a 2nd weapon and no items in a tournament round
Tied twice,once with Twisted and Dragon
1st,along with Twisted,to beat Dark by 50 points
creator of a side round that I couldn't complete
started an extremly stupid request segment
rank changed to Lance Corporal
Have record for the lowest score(505)
2nd place in XL tourny

Pure greatness.It wasn't easy being born great.For those who visit the DW5 forum you should know about our tournament thread.Lately I've been doing a request segment because.....well because I'm dumb.Happy now.I would like you to PM me you thoughts and ideas.

My request list

You can chose which character I use.
Which weapon I use
which items I use
and how I fight the commander
No musou rage
No musou attack
No charge attacks
No jump attacks
Only jump attacks
Only charge attacks
On a horse
Whatever you decide

Well thats all the time I have to waist typing on this for today(Don't worry I'll make this better,to lazy right now)So before you go I leave you with this quote some stupid moron once said"If you sleep all day you won't be tired the next day"Good night.


As the son of the uncle of the nephew of the son of the son of the dad of the grandpa of the skinny fat dog walked outside and got crushed by another cow,some cows son,the end.

Dedicated to:
The spirit of Eric who predicted his death a year ago and is still alive
some cow-who got hit by a milk truck
skinny fat dog's family who ate each other

This was written by an idiot and may not be copied without that idiots permission.

Well if for some reason you read and liked this PM me and I'll make a sequel."The Master of the Names..movie..show..er..pg thing again"I promise I'll make this better someday.