I stamped your Guestbook...

Ha Ha Ha

*Wastes space w/ this sentence*
I dont have a stamp 4 ya but u have enough ne ways... So oh dont forget to write me back mabe even sign my gb aiight cya.
emporer_caopi The Mighty LuBu 1989
Jun 09, 06 11:12pm
hey i forgot to sign your gb hope the stamp works. if not, then, SHIT TI WILL HAVE BEEN THE 3RD TIME IN A ROW and i will sue imageshack.

Hey mighty. How are things going. Can't wait for school to end? I'll see ya tomorrow.

Congrats on winning the 1st round of the Tourney lol,
i shouldve had that one.
anyway heres a cool stamp for ya.

cool stamp lol,
cya round the forums,
and sign back!
wat up dude i just come around to sign everybodi guestbook and i see you around samurai warrior forum too. well see you around.
kakusei The Mighty LuBu 1989
Feb 28, 06 5:17am
Hey im going around signing every sexy member with ma uber sexy homemade stamp.

There ya go you cheeky lil noobeh
Seung The Mighty LuBu 1989
Jan 26, 06 5:18am
Signing this becuse I am being forced to by Dragon King7777 as I am his slave servent.

DQ Maniac The Mighty LuBu 1989
Dec 16, 05 1:16am
Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
Just thought i would stamp you.

cya around in the fourms
Hey Mighty. Thanks for signing my guestbook. Just to let you know, Me and Master Zhang He are going to take you and Dark down. Well, here's a viper for you.

kakusei The Mighty LuBu 1989
Aug 16, 05 6:50pm
hey i c u in the dw5 forums so i thought i would sign ur guestbook

remember:among men lu bu...among horses red hare

P.S ur considered a neofriend
I look upon the battle field.
With force I stare at full measure.

The land before me which was full of life.
Now is filled with crimson red.

From the distances far below.
The cries of many men who had fallen.
I bow my head to say a prayer.
For I know that I am alive.
With that I am humbled.

For I commit myself to battle.
copyright 2002-jkq

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
lubuaholic The Mighty LuBu 1989
Jul 11, 05 6:53am
I will be flat out serious nobody likes Lu Bu more Than Me for i am a Slave to him I will Dedicate my life to giving him a Good Name
Hey,Ive seen you around the DW5 Forum.So,why not.you seem like a cool person.

You've been Guns n Rosed'.

DianWei04 The Mighty LuBu 1989
Jul 02, 05 11:34pm
Thought I'd sign your guestbook since I see you alot in DW5 Forum. I also got my first stamp and your Lucky number one!