The Reservoir Gods

VeGiTAX2 put it best when we formed the group: "I don't like the thought of having two former Outlaw members, Billy & Chuck and a notorious spammer in a group together."

Not an exact quote but it's pretty much what he said at the time. You see, Kyo Daikun and dizzieko02 were former members of the now non-existant "The Outlaws" clan, one of Neoseeker's first factions where they led a campaign against some of the earlier moderators on this site in 2001. It was before my time (since I generally stuck to a couple GCN forums before venturing out months later to the rest of the site). From what I gathered it was ugly; some of the worst flame wars imaginable where some of the members were perma-banned. Yet some prevailed, and despite being caught up in the fight/spam, demoted and perma-banned himself, Kyo Daikun returned as Joy Division (then later on as "Kyo Daikun Mk II"). Funny stuff. The Living Angelus and Slacker created the accounts "Billy" & "Chuck" after WWE's gay Tag-team duo ... Billy & Chuck. We spammed Loungin' on boring nights and brought a bit of flare to the site with our undeniable sexuality. It was ruined when Avalon Man, er I mean Avalon Gram joined in the fun. Long story short, but the bitch was a dude and hurt a lot of people. The thought that we talked to the misleading *bleep* creeped us out and put a damper on our once hilarious alter-egos. So we stopped using the accounts, and only rarely brought them out once or twice when people asked whatever happened to the strange, but Damn SeXAY duo. KFC_Or_Bust was just a notorious spammer who lived on Neoseeker and most noticeably in Loungin'. Funny thing is the kid was promoted to the forum he spammed and did a damn, fine good job moderating the place. Who'd have thought it? Well, he didn't really spam all the time, he just posted ... A LOT.

So one night, Slacker and myself were talking about getting a "group" of some sorts together because we were bored and during our brain storming we thought about the Quentin Tarantino flick, Reservoir Dogs and thought how badass it would be if we got 5 guy's, each with a custom avatar of one of the characters and went around Neoseeker posting in the same threads. Intimidation to all the n00bs.

Slacker immediately picked Mr. Pink (because he's a pussy, hahaha .. no, because he liked Steve Buscemi's character), Kyo Daikun picked Mr. White because, well Mr. White was badass. It worked because Kyo was older than Slacker and myself by a year or two and since Mr. White was the oldest out of the group (besides Mr. Blue, but we were going to use the DVD covers for our avatars and Mr. Blue didn't get one, only Blonde, Pink, White, Orange and Brown did). I picked Mr. Blonde because Mr. Blonde didn't put up with any shit [during the heist] and was *bleep*ing crazy. Like me on this site. haha. I wasn't a posting whore who had to be friends with everyone on this site by signing everyone's guestbook; Or giving out 50 thousand warnings to troublemakers like some; Or afraid to fly off the handle and let some n00b or prick get an earful (pun, ear, Mr. Blonde, get it? haha). Enough about me for a second, dizzieko02 was given Mr. Brown because we always thought of Diz as being the token black dude for some odd reason, probably because he liked rap and was a known Emcee on Neoseeker. I don't know, Mr. Brown = some black Dude; it just seemed funny to us.

Slacker and I were trying to get people who posted in the PS2 forum "WWE: SmackDown! - Just Bring IT" where we always discussed RAW/SmackDown!/PPV's before we had our very own Wrestling forum, but there weren't enough of us (Me, Slacker, Kyo, Diz, awhollywood and Jim Raynor, but the latter two just didn't fit in our "clique"). So we thought of KFC who was a racist, cop hater so having him be the "cop" just seemed funny at the time so we told him to be Mr. Orange.

The problem came when we were trying to figure out the name. We wanted to keep the "Reservoir" part, but we wanted to change Dogs to Mods yet we had a problem. Diz was blacklisted from ever being a moderator on this site. I was moderator of Movies/Films. Slacker was Loungin' (and I think Halo at the time), KFC was Loungin' (and I think Music), Kyo was Tv ... we basically owned the entire Lounges at one point and tried to get diz the co-modship of Music (because Inferno Penguin who was the other moderator of Music didn't do shit). Couldn't happen and we wanted to get the group started asap. So we decided to Change Dogs to Gods and then Neohistory started...

We changed our avatars the same day, and the news spred like wild fire. Members asking "hey, why are your avatars the same" and other's wanting to be in the group with some even creating Mr. Blue avatars. Damn n00bs. Nothing controversial but there were some good times.

Well, so there you have a brief backstory. The reason I'm making this is so the Reservoir Gods can live on forever as long as someone remembers them. You know those old 80's films where it says before the credits what happened to the main characters, well it would be fitting to do the same here: Kyo Daikun got married and had a child (I think); last known to join the military and briefly appears at random. Slacker's around from time to time. KFC still posts in the Car forum. Diz's whereabouts are unknown. As for me? Where my road ends, I can not foresee, but I'm still around currently. The JBI-crew finally got it's "wrestling" forum after being kicked out of Sports for spoiling the show to Brits and Aussies and forced to post in "WWF: Just Bring It" for a year. I guess that's what we set out to do all along.

The Reservoir Gods
TLA / Slacker / Kyo / KFC / Diz

Neoseeker's Original MODsters

A New Breed

The day came when PL (now known as Hawkeye), Lavitz and Darknet were recruiting for a TMNT group. Bored, I agreed to join only under one condition, I would be the best turtle. That being Raphael. Wish granted. Donned the avatar for a few days, when Slacker miraculously showed up on Neo, asked why I would join a group with those three douches and together we re-formed our Billy & Chuck tagteam TMNT-edition.

Betrayed and A New Bond Was Created

har-har ... stoopid toitles!