Hey, just wanted to say hi, you're like the best mod I've seen in Neo, considering how many things you need to mod and everything. Just wanted to say you're doing a good job, and don't change.

Stephanie McMahon may not pose for Playboy, but the dream lives on so that we can feel happy, thinking of what she would look like posing nude....
Hi Andelus its me your best friend wwe_champion. And I just wanted to lite you know that you suck. Well anyway you SUCK BALLS.
I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?

Promotional Artwork from THE TRISTAN ASHE SAGA posted online, here on Neoseeker.

Garret Vander

Anne Cross
This is just random. And by the way, you're doing a great job moderating the wrestling forum.

heyI hope you like cena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah I'd say that Luffy guy has some problems, or at least too much time on his hands. Well I don't really know you but what I know of you makes you cool. Also thanks for letting me open up the Babe of the year thread. So now I'll proceed to stamp you will a current fave of mine..
this is a random signing

Sanji and Zoro The Some What Best of Friends

Sanji and Zoro The Best of Rivals

sign me back ps i dont support ZoroXSanji Ok!!!!

Luffyluffy Signing Out
Am I allowed to make a thread about a Wrestling Business i have and ask for peoples opinions on what matches i should do and what matches theyd like 2 see if they were watching?

like i have a business called the BWF (Backyard Wrestling Federation) and i need help with what 2 do (as i am "chairman") since im only 15 i need a few tips from Wrestling fans

i could like give em a true life scenario and let them help me what 2 do with it!

fanx! best Moderator around!
JUST SIGNING ALL THE MODS GUESTBOOKS SIGN BACK ahghghhghghghg SORRY 125 CHARS i need more dont i hello good bye sup gangsta bye hello yo fo sho, please sign back

I thought I would bless you...

Ameeeeeerican Dreaaaaaaam
He's just a common man
Working hard with his hands
He's just a common man
Working hard for the man
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
If you are black or white*
Redneck bucket backs four wives*
Blew right through kaleidoscope*
Common man has got his gold
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
The American Dream
Yeah Yeah Yeah
The American Dream

I stamp you:

The Rock Bottom is the best master ever! Feel free to sign me back, but my master is more important, sign him back first.



But who owns TX? Teh evil O Rly Sauron! With help from the Terrorist Rly!

Who ever shall save TX? Will it be the Hulkster?

Or will it be The Rock?

It will be neither for Bob Mrly is here to save the day!

But one stood in his way, it was none other than Emo Rly!

After merely looking at Bob Mrly, O Rly Sauron and Terrorist Rly both died of shock, Emo Rly had already died of blood loss as a result of a slit wing. Bob Mrly was able to rescue TX and with the help of Mario Rly who navigated the O Heli Copter which was piloted by Goggles Rly.

And with that, our story ends with TX being free and him 'OWNING j00'.

Merry Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Everything!

In memory of this momentous occasion, here is a random image from google when I type in the words "movie forum mod"

Hey TLA, I just noticed that today was your birthday, so I decided to wish you a happy one. It being near to Christmas as well, I hope you have a very merry Christmas.

~Light Druid
Ahh a fellow Buffy/Wrestling fan. Those seem kinda rare I think. This must be a shock because I don't sign guestbooks. You should feel very lucky for being signed by the Iconic one. Anyways heres a stamp:

For being the first guy on neoseeker to be pwned by the great PL, here is a little keepsake:

Step down as the Movie forum mod already, haha!
I just want to say thanks for making the wrestling forum one of the best places on neo. And as thanks, now you can tell someone how you really feel and you won't have to say a word.




{AND. . .}

Hey dude, just signing your g-book and showing you my new stamp. Because if you saw last week's Raw, you should've seen that Hogan got:

Take care.
I feel that recent things have occured & been said in the past few days. In my chivalric nature I have come to give an apology for anything I've done to annoy you. Here is my peace offering. Sorry, I don't have a stamp. I'll see you in the forums, The Rock Bottom.

Witness greatness under the form of crystaline post orgasmic exhuberation

Face the BDK and its one true Hellion

FenriZ - Korporate Leader & Tyrant Syndicate Advocator
I am signing your guestbook cuz I decided I would Sign a bunch of moderators Guestbooks so, please sign back.

Here is a riddle incase you get bored.

If con is the opposite of pro, what's the opposite of progress?

I'd stamp but I don't have my floppy disc with me.