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‘Ello there and have a happy Christmahanukkwanza.

I used this last year, but don’t have time to make another one, so… meh.

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

Sign back pl0x. Just don’t take my presents.

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I've invested my money into training squirrels how to kill people so far the project is going awful. I thought that hiding in to trees would be a good idea but I just figured out that there are no trees in Afghanistan.

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Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

It is officially Xmas in New England in 5 minutes!

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for signing my guestbook the knowledge!
Hope you enjoyed those lovely prizes! And this g'book sign of course.

sorry if i'm late but............i never actually check when i got stamped but i dont think this covers the minimum thingie so my rs name is
Napisan Lord i'm lvl 26 and have lvl 38 mage and 212k
Hey, Love your "Corporate Logo"

Heres mine!

omfg dude u do rock climbing?????/dude that is so cool i do it 2 the highest 1 ive done is like 160ft oh and i am siging ur guest book cause i want 2 sign back
Congratulations! You have won third at the GTA: Hitman Agency tournament.

Hope you join the second season.
yuwwwwww knowledge thanx 4 ur guestbook sign
yeah,i like ur stamp
i hope we can b neofriends
yah homie og9
c u soon @ d forums
First to sign!

Hope we can talk soon my fellow West-Midlander. I leave you with this:

See you around