The Ginger Dude shared a forum thread
Aug 28, 16 10:32pm

So what moves do you always find enjoyable to see as well as ones that infuriate you? I love me some sentons, particularly

The Ginger Dude shared a forum thread
Aug 10, 16 6:32am

Curious of people's opinions on EPM. I personally enjoy this genre though it can get a bit corny with lyrics or riffs sin

The Ginger Dude
Jul 26, 16 3:03am
Practice compassion and mercy. But know when they must end.
The Ginger Dude
Jul 12, 16 2:43am
Khajit has wares
The Ginger Dude
Jul 9, 16 12:07am
Been exactly a year since i've been on my own..keep it up
The Ginger Dude shared a forum thread
Jun 10, 16 12:59pm

So not sure if gaming or community event was the right tag so edit that if you need to :P So E3 is coming in a few days

The Ginger Dude
May 30, 16 2:43pm
School's pretty lit
The Ginger Dude
May 11, 16 10:34pm
Becoming a burden wearing these many masks
The Ginger Dude shared a forum thread
Apr 24, 16 12:03pm

Purchased the game on Steam recently and have been bothered with the clash of the new character models with the blurred backg

The Ginger Dude
Apr 22, 16 8:04pm
Hello Old Friend, time to play once again
The Ginger Dude
Feb 1, 16 6:50pm
Make America Great Again
The Ginger Dude
Jan 5, 16 3:51pm
Goblins are Misunderstood
The Ginger Dude
Jul 1, 15 4:16pm
RIP Starship Trooper
The Ginger Dude shared a forum thread
Feb 17, 15 6:32pm

So i know many mtg players have thought about this before and was curious of other opinions on a few things - Why Wizards

The Ginger Dude
Jan 14, 15 8:09pm
Ain't Nothin Me But Me Baby
The Ginger Dude
Dec 31, 14 11:42pm
Finally the rematch with Grendel came to a close....and I proved Victorious. 2015 I will be Ragnarok King. Get Ready
The Ginger Dude
Jan 11, 14 3:51pm
There Can Only Be One
The Ginger Dude
Mar 25, 12 11:15pm
Dream for the Moment, Awaken toward the Future
The Ginger Dude
Feb 8, 12 12:56am
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