Hi! I haven't signed you guest book in a long time... So here's my runescape stamp!

Do you like my stamp?
Well i gotta go! 99 fishing here i come!
On a signing spree, plz sing back!! -_0

i was lookin over your interests and i saw that you and i like pretty much the same games. except for jet set radio future. i think that a person would have to get high to play that game. ill see you around in the xbox forum. later.

Hello, just passing by and signing guestbooks. sorry if this is a little late. If the image doesn't show try right clicking and selecting "view image".

felt like signing your guestbook because you signed mine and not many people have signed mine. Anyway, you like just about all of the games that I do. later.

xix Happy Holidays xix

Hoping you have the merriest Christmas!

!~Be naughty and save Santa the trip =3 lol

Hi! I'm GG12 and I don't really know you but mabey we can be friends...? PM if you want but be sure to sign back! Also I can make stamps so I'll sign you with one that I made. But on certain days I can make realllllly special ones!

YAYAYAY wha CHANG!!!1 for you! I thought to myself, why not go on a spree?
wha CHANG!!! iz tha greatest saying since Roffling a Woffle too!

From my favorite turtle and yours,

saw u like em! well anyone who does is kool with me^_^


sign back if u want

THE one and only,
Hey "The GG's"! here's a stamp from me, because i think you are just...

Sign Back!!
Hey thanks for your help in the Neohome thing as it worked out in my neohome for what you helped me with. I said i would sign if it worked so there we go. I have no stamp so meh..

- Hugs You -
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It's been a while. Thanks for signing my GB, dude! That was an awesome stamp. Idon't know if mine is as cool as yours, but I'll let you be the judge... STAMPED!
I saw you in the SMS forum and thought I'd sign your Guestbook.I haven't beat the game yet but I have like 40 stars.I don't have a stamp at the moment,but I'll sign back once I get one.See ya!
So I take it you like Eminem.Is this not true?I`m a rather small fan of him but I bet I could find some way to get down to his ghetto music.You see, I was brought up into a family of rich wealth.I like to enjoy the finer things in life.Like having my butler do my every wants and demands on a minimum wadge.Well, take care now and have fun in life.
I saw you in...some forum I don't remember. I'm signing a bunch of peoples GBs.

Sign back. Pm me(or put it in your signing) if you want to be Neofriends.

TEH Signing by
Blade Seeker
Here's some stamps for you. I hope you like them.

Look! I'm typing with no hands!


Not really. But it sounds pretty COOL doesn't it?!? Anywho, I'm on a guestbook signing spree. I'm signing yours. Obviously.
Your real cool and have da' COOLEST name!!! So..........


Please sign back,
This is my 100% brand new stamp, made by...ME! Enjoy...

See ya around!
Hello there! I felt like making a stamp and signing Guestbooks as the last time I did was back at the start of year 2005. Well, take care.

Spitfire Skateboarding. JJBDude
I just wanna say, thnx for signing MY gbook with just plain generosity!!! So I'm signing yours, You've been

Profile down there
where ya get the eminem pic

hes so cool
tell me ur fave song of his
mine is Mockingbird...

Ill break that birdys neak lol
Hi GG's consider yourself signed by Yoshi_Guy

Now sign myn!
hey gg just signing your guestbook to say hi and i know you support man city and im saying un-lucky on robbie fowler who i guess you hate missing the penalty to get you in europe
Yes. I will sign your guestbook.

Don't go on sites that say they'll give you free stuff, they won't. Unless they're christian sites.

Don't sign up for free things. There not free.

Never ever beat your children. It say somewhere spare the rod spoil the child. No. Rod the child you'll get social services at your door, your child will grow up to be a miserable, un-meaningfull distressed mental patient. (Like me)

Never eat with your eyes closed, one time I put vinegar in my eyes. :-0. It hurt *crying smiley*

I know this is lame but it says "Write something meaningful, memorable, or personalized."

I'm welcoming CHANG3, but it's got nothing on R360LUTION.