I really enjoyed the first series, it was very funny and hope to see the second TheOfficeTheCompleteSecondSeries
I'd like to try out any of the two Halo games since they are said to be very good Halo PC
A very good game but too short! MedalOfHonorRisingSun Xbox
A Fantastic Jango Fett shooter! StarWarsBountyHunter PS2
a very entertaining game WarioLand4 GBA
An okay bike tricks game MatHoffmansProBMX PSX
A fantastic end film to The Lord of The Rings trilogy TheLordOfTheRingsTheReturnOfTheKing
A good film after but not something you'd want to see over and over again HarryPotterandTheChamberOfSecrets
A very good entertaining game TheSimpsonsHitandRun Xbox
A fantastic football game! FIFASoccer2004 PS2
Probably the best game I've ever played!!! TomClancysSplinterCellChaosTheory Xbox
A good Fox Mc Cloud adventure StarFoxAdventures GC
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