My name makes me sound kinda gothic eh? (yeah thats rite I'm a proud Canadian) Actually I'm not gothic at all. I'm 5'6" with black hair and dark brown eyes. I'm brown and I wear casual/formal clothes.I'm apparently a fun guy, smart (school smart), and active (not so much as athletic, I don't play sports maybe one day though). I like makin people laugh and i love doin it myself.


Hey, if you're reading this you are in my world now or you have a allot of time on your hands. I wanted to be called Blacknight but they wouldnt let me do it. I am uber-intrested in racing. Not fast and furious style, anyone can make a car go fast in a straight line but what happens when turn one comes? F1 and LM cars are so awesome. My favorite F1 driver is Aryton Senna(hes gone now).

My hobbies are chillin, neoseeking, gaming, the net and the phone.

In my eyes interest is an illusion, you can be interested in anything you just have to pick out the cool stuff from the crap. Some things have more cool stuff than others and vice versa but things that I think are uber-cool are Formula 1 cars, girls, martial arts(includes the art of fighting with out fighting),skateboarding, music, nature(it worked well before humans came) and the little things in life that make it more liveable like ants. Running around, working as a team, lifting 50 times their body weight, getting burned by a magnifying glass...
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