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Jun 18, 10 3:23pm

    Webster's dictionary defines home as "A place of origin" and "The social unit formed by a family living together." For me, the question of Where is your home? is no longer as simple as saying That townhouse down on Meadowlands Dr. Home is just a concept of a certain place where you feel the utmost comfortable. You could call pretty much any place home, but what happens when your home is longer your home?

    I've been fortunate enough to live in two different parts of North America. For 13 years, I lived in Ottawa, ON Canada but have lived in Hayward, CA USA for the past 4. I must say, the difference are subtle but are blatantly obvious when you look for them. Currently, I am on vacation in Ottawa for the summer for about 3 weeks. I had always called Ottawa home but I've been rethinking that. Home is a place where you're allowed to openly be yourself, and be loved for it. It's the place where you're supposed to feel the most safe, and it's supposed to be the place you yearn to be. After 4 years of being vacant of Ottawa, I'm not longer familiar and comfortable in Ottawa. Friends are now just nameless faces that wonder around the same relative area as I do. Old neighborhoods are just where random strangers reside and old schools are just where kids I no longer know attend. I've lost all familiarity with this place. Driving by the occasional fast food store will resurrect some nostalgia, but it seems the joy of coming back to an old hometown is lost. The place where I've had the most fondest memories is no longer that place. I've accepted that things change in life, and despite just how much we want to think otherwise, I've also accepted that change is inevitable.

    Adapting is a important aspect of life. It's one of those things you obtain when you move around, especially at a delicate age such as 13. You cannot control the impact that change thrusts upon you and when that impact is irreversible, your only choice is to adapt. I like to think I've changed a lot by moving. I doubt I would be the person I am today (whether that's a good thing or not, I'll never know) and I'm fairly content with the life I live. I have a loving girlfriend and a family that cares about me. However, my core is shaken by the thought of my home becoming just another destination with nice tourist spots.

    It's saddened me that my friends for who-knows-how-long don't care to even acknowledge my stay in their city of residence. Part of that is my fault, for not maintaining long-distance relationships, but if they aren't willing to even bother, why should I? I guess I only have myself to blame for the lack of care, but it's still very startling to hit that realization point where you finally come to the conclusion where in those of 13 years of numerous relationships/friendships, none were strong enough to go the distance. None were as close as the friendships I have now, and none were significant. The saddest thing about it is that if I past by one of my old friends, I would most likely recognize them, but they wouldn't even give me a second look. I've accepted the notion that I don't have any friends in Ottawa anymore while living in Hayward, but I guess that's the price you pay.

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Sep 20, 09 3:26am

Preseason is coming soon so that means Fantasy Hockey is up. Kevin and I feel that this year there should be a site-wide Neoseeker Fantasy Hockey League. Last year, there were a few regulars from the Canada forum that participated but it didn't have that much of a turn out. I hope this year will be different.

Neoseeker's Fantasy Hockey League 2009-10

League ID: 114306
Password: neoseeker

Live Draft: Sun Sep 27 3:00pm EST - 6:00pm PDT

The sign up deadline is the day of the draft.
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Aug 23, 09 11:32pm

ABILIFY® in no way endorses 45coltium

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shat brix
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Jul 30, 09 1:43am
shat brix

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