The Darkest Shadow
Nov 25, 13 9:05am
If anyone needs me,use the e-mail option to contact me, I'm gone like the wind from this place.
The Darkest Shadow
Aug 5, 13 11:42am
Getting back into Dark Souls after about a year and appreciating the game more now than before. Such a fantastic experience.
The Darkest Shadow
Sep 26, 12 8:27pm
So I just got buried by about forty alerts to message replies that were posted months ago that went from news comments to forum replies. O.O
The Darkest Shadow
Apr 30, 12 11:15pm
Needs more nudity... :3
The Darkest Shadow
Feb 26, 12 9:43am
Oooh... brain pie. Care to donate...?
The Darkest Shadow
Jun 28, 11 8:07pm
I <3 Dragons
The Darkest Shadow
Oct 31, 10 2:16am
I'm so overdosed on apathy and burnt out on sympathy.


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