Midnight Cat The Chickmagnet07
Oct 12, 06 3:51am
goodbye TCM07. we had fun together on neo. hope you will return soon.

LeoPup19 The Chickmagnet07
Sep 11, 06 1:19am
For your signing. Sorry it took me so long to write back! Looking forward to the new Sims 2 expansion? It's going to be great. =) Here's your stamp.
Sayyed The Chickmagnet07
Sep 10, 06 3:29am
hey i got myself a new stamp so i thought i would sign some g/bs

Cute Chao The Chickmagnet07
Sep 4, 06 2:47am
You may not be a martion but I know you're still a martian Anyway, I'm signing back from the million or so guestbook signings you've left me and as you already have my stamp and I haven't got round to making a new one, have my fave pic instead.

Cya around,

Lotsa luv,

Cute Chao

hey thanks for the signing sorry i took so long to sign back

pm me sometime bro peace
Ncjpr1993 The Chickmagnet07
Aug 30, 06 3:28am

Yeah, I know, its a bit of an obsession, but Doom is the best game ever!
Ncjpr1993 The Chickmagnet07
Aug 30, 06 3:26am
<center><a href=http://imageigloo.com><img src=http://123pichosting.com/images/8039Awesome.GIF>
o_snuffles_o The Chickmagnet07
Aug 27, 06 2:19am
Thanks for signing my guestbook. As promised heres one back for you.

Enjoy yourself now!

Yoshi is the bestest! Thanx for all the Stamps!!!
westy_1990 The Chickmagnet07
Aug 26, 06 3:23am
Thanks for signing my g.book.
Just signing back with a stamp that you will surely like (PM me to tell me what you think):

Myeyespy The Chickmagnet07
Aug 26, 06 12:52am
Jus' signing back.

Probably my favourite Ctrl+Alt+Del storyline.
Midnight Cat The Chickmagnet07
Aug 25, 06 8:43am
hi thnks for the satmp. i will talk to you later.

you know you like it!
Sayyed The Chickmagnet07
Aug 24, 06 6:38am
just back from vac. signing back.

see yeah around
Tom The Chickmagnet07
Aug 23, 06 10:14pm
Since you're probably like the only person on this site that I talk to elsewhere, (apart from Olga_La_Crotte), I thought you can be the first to have my stamp.

Enjoy it, and see you around!
Bluephionix The Chickmagnet07
Aug 23, 06 9:44pm
you signed my g-book a little to much, well i'll sign but only for now, so hve fun while this last. muhuhahahahahuhahua. o yeah, i am trying to take up some space so have a blast.

Here's my new stamp...lol!!!
Nickmonster The Chickmagnet07
Aug 22, 06 11:45pm
double stamp

i really dont know why i dont even know you oh well stamp you later
Midnight Cat The Chickmagnet07
Aug 19, 06 4:47am
hey whats up? sign my gbook back ok? talk to u later.sign bye....


Midnight Cat The Chickmagnet07
Aug 18, 06 2:58am
love my new stamp! thanks for makin it for me. You know i like her so u made it. Thanks Buddy.

Fluidity The Chickmagnet07
Aug 12, 06 10:21pm
Cheers to new Neofriends! Here's my stamp of Roxas and Axel that pwns all! XD LOL...

Video Gamester The Chickmagnet07
Aug 12, 06 9:40pm
heres a stamp!!!

Here ya go!
now am i your bestest friend?
Tseng_Eclipse The Chickmagnet07
Aug 9, 06 10:15pm
I have a new stamp, and I'm signing all my Neomates' GB's with it.

Specially for you!
Zero and X The Chickmagnet07
Aug 9, 06 4:49am
Hope your hungry!

I couldnt resist!
Braden The Chickmagnet07
Aug 8, 06 4:56pm
Hello, because your pet died, I added an additional stamp.


TEDIZ MASTER The Chickmagnet07
Aug 1, 06 1:57am
you stamped my G-book, so I guess I'm gunna stamp back now.