goodbye TCM07. we had fun together on neo. hope you will return soon.

For your signing. Sorry it took me so long to write back! Looking forward to the new Sims 2 expansion? It's going to be great. =) Here's your stamp.
hey i got myself a new stamp so i thought i would sign some g/bs

You may not be a martion but I know you're still a martian Anyway, I'm signing back from the million or so guestbook signings you've left me and as you already have my stamp and I haven't got round to making a new one, have my fave pic instead.

Cya around,

Lotsa luv,

Cute Chao

hey thanks for the signing sorry i took so long to sign back

pm me sometime bro peace

Yeah, I know, its a bit of an obsession, but Doom is the best game ever!
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Thanks for signing my guestbook. As promised heres one back for you.

Enjoy yourself now!

Yoshi is the bestest! Thanx for all the Stamps!!!
Thanks for signing my
Just signing back with a stamp that you will surely like (PM me to tell me what you think):

Jus' signing back.

Probably my favourite Ctrl+Alt+Del storyline.
hi thnks for the satmp. i will talk to you later.

you know you like it!
just back from vac. signing back.

see yeah around
Since you're probably like the only person on this site that I talk to elsewhere, (apart from Olga_La_Crotte), I thought you can be the first to have my stamp.

Enjoy it, and see you around!
you signed my g-book a little to much, well i'll sign but only for now, so hve fun while this last. muhuhahahahahuhahua. o yeah, i am trying to take up some space so have a blast.
double stamp

i really dont know why i dont even know you oh well stamp you later
hey whats up? sign my gbook back ok? talk to u later.sign bye....

love my new stamp! thanks for makin it for me. You know i like her so u made it. Thanks Buddy.

Cheers to new Neofriends! Here's my stamp of Roxas and Axel that pwns all! XD LOL...

heres a stamp!!!

Here ya go!
now am i your bestest friend?
I have a new stamp, and I'm signing all my Neomates' GB's with it.

Specially for you!
Hope your hungry!

I couldnt resist!
Hello, because your pet died, I added an additional stamp.


you stamped my G-book, so I guess I'm gunna stamp back now.