Bandito The Anti Hero
Jul 26, 08 10:31pm
just kidding!ok.................!!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna sign your guestbook! lawl! lol, im AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
did i pass the limit?
Mr Malicious The Anti Hero
Jul 15, 08 10:42pm
Yo! Whats good with ya? You know who this is its your boy Mr Malicious just droppin by the say Whats up and I thought I'd sign your guestbook. You seem like a good guy and your smart with what music you listen to. Later

~ MM
Tyranitar22 The Anti Hero
Feb 07, 08 1:54pm
Hey Anti Hero.....I cannot beleive no one has signed this yet and I dont know why they would'nt because you are the best and first leader I have ever had on Neoseeker and I could not be what I am right now without you.

Thank you so much for being such a Great Clan leader and also a Great Neo Friend.