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Apr 27, 10 10:36pm
is still taking it easy.
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Apr 7, 10 4:25am
Still taking it easy.
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Sep 1, 09 2:41am
is taking it easy.
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Aug 28, 09 3:17am
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Aug 12, 09 12:50am
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Jul 30, 09 8:03am
is listening to a lot of Bill Evans lately.
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Jul 30, 09 7:22am
just had his 16th birthday.
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Jul 7, 09 5:41am

On July 29th, we shall commemorate the birth of Alex. However, Alex is not very sure what he will attain for his birthday. A new guitar? A new monitor? Or a new iPod?

I will probably end up getting a new monitor though. I'm getting sick of this 15" (1024x768) 20ms piece of crap. Can't watch my movies with enough clarity, my space for multitasking is very important to me and the ghosting on this thing is huuuuge.

But then again, that new shiny 24-fret Ibanez, with its pickups replaced by a Tone Zone/Air Norton set. Oh dear. It's so tempting to buy that instead.

And then my old iPod broke and I have to take my music everywhere, or else I'll probably die. Well, the dying part is an over-statement of course, but there's no denying I'll be extremely bored without an iPod most of the time. The 120 GB classic iPod calls out to me.

I'm pretty much torn between the three things, and no, I cannot get two of them, or all of them. Simply not enough money. :(

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Jun 11, 09 7:36am

Already a good few hours into the visual novel Umineko no Naku Koro ni, I must say it's really amazing. Aside from my particular interest in murder mysteries, it really succeeded in creeping me out (and I'm still on the first chapter!) with it's brilliant music, the strong sense of atmosphere, and it's really well done narration (and I'd really like to give credit to the people who worked on its translation; that must have taken a while). I'm still kind of creeped out right now, but I will read a bit more before I go to bed. I gotta note that the character designs are a bit...amateur, which might throw a few people off, but I've quickly gotten used to it and it looks natural already. I really recommend it to any anime/manga/visual novel fan. It's definitely a must!

Name: Haruhi - Talents: Many, but all come short to controlling reality.

On another note, I've been closely following the re-airing of the Haruhi Suzumiya series (being one of the quite many Haruhi fans who died and went to heaven when the first new episode in 3 years aired; I was one of the fans that even watched the episode as it aired raw in Japanland) and I really can't wait until next week. IIRC, if speculations are correct, and they most probably are, the Endless Eight chapter from the light novels is supposed to be animated for next week's episode, followed by the Sighs arc, which will then lead to some more old episodes mixed in, and then later to be followed by the Disappearance arc. I can't wait for that last arc, man. It was one of the most interesting arcs to read (and the most confusing; time-travel gets you jumbled up really fast) and one of the most important for the series. My only fear is the fear of the new episodes sucking, but eh, they'll probably pull it off at least acceptably. Oh, Haruhi-sama, make us fans rejoice for the second coming of yourself, lol.

(I recommend you watch it in HD)

I also eagerly await a new OP, seeing as they also threw in a new ED for the new episode (which is the 8th aired episode). But I'm fine if there's no OP in the end.

The four-girl light music club.

Also watching K-ON! as it airs. The hottest KyoAni anime so far, aside from Haruhi. Can't help but feel it's a big ton of moe with no substance (maybe because it is a big ton of moe with no substance), but at least it's fun to watch. Maybe I'm expecting too much of the music theme it has going on, being a huge music fan and playing an instrument myself. The many times the show reminds of actual experiences I've had just make me want to watch it more. I can relate so much to it. Bleh, tears of shame.


Been playing a lot of Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2 lately too...though I'm playing a bit less than usual lately. Possibly growing lack of interest. Also finishing Fallout 3 and Dead Space (more focusing on Dead Space...I should have finished that game months ago, but I just can't make myself play it for enough time to get far in the story in one sitting).

I need a job, and desperate times call for desperate measures...

Also considering what I should get for my birthday (July 29th, not like most people that don't know me care anyways). I'm pondering getting a new guitar and switch it with different pickups, but we'll see. I really wish I had the money to buy different instruments (violin, piano, drums, bass), because I really want to learn how to play all of them. I've really grown a passion for new instruments aside from the classical and electric guitar. I also need a new monitor, because this 15" really isn't helping me when I multi-task or do graphics and whatnot. Ah well, such is life when you live with a middle-low class family, but I'm happy and that's what counts.

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully I'll keep this more up-to-date so I don't end up barfing a lot of different things in one blog post. But, eh. Remember to TAKE IT EASY and all that jazz!

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Jan 8, 09 5:30am

Well, the highly anticipated Comiket 75 finally arrived a few days ago and I managed to get my hands on the also highly anticipated Touhou non-official anime's first episode, entitled: A Summer Day's Dream. Much discussion formed in the pre-release period, concerning the (judging from the two previews leaked on the web) questionable animation quality and the ridiculous list of voice actors hired for the project, but I'll explain in detail later on.

Before I continue, for those of you who don't know what Touhou is, it's a series of games, developed by a one-man team, going by the name of ZUN. Most of the series' games fall into the category of bullet-hell vertical scrolling shooter. In the game, you must defeat the enemy all the while dodging a ridiculous amount of different bullets. The series has gained an immense amount of fans and has been subject to countless fan works.

An example of bullet-hell or danmaku, in one of Touhou's games (Mountain of Faith)

By the way, catch Moonrise beating Imperishable Night's extra stage. The game is pretty intense, haha.

Anyways, back to the main topic at hand. Skimming through the blogosphere, forums, and friends' comments, we were all expecting the animation to be a let-down. From the two previews we saw (a second link would be pretty much redundant since it has basically the same thing), you could notice that the animation and character design was kind of meh. However, for a fan project, it was pretty good, especially the background designs.

A few days before C75, the release date and list of voice actors for the adaption was revealed, and needless to say, everyone was impressed at the amazing cast they were able to round up (and of course the speculations of the veracity of the cast list ran wild). Then came the date of Comiket 75. A day or two after it started, I had "acquired" a copy of the adaptation's first episode. I sat back, grabbed a snack and watched.

Twenty minutes later, I was blown away. The animation wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and while the story started out a bit slow, it was very enjoyable and I found myself smiling the whole episode! So yeah, if you're a fan of the series, it's definitely worth checking out.

Basically, the story takes place in Gensokyo, a world alternate to ours, in which many mystical beings live. It centers around the main character, a shrine maiden named Reimu Hakurei, and an unfortunate incident that occurs when her shrine donation box is stolen. She then sets out with the help of others to find the culprit of the theft. It's a light-hearted, calm, and comical story so far.

Suika(right): Needs moar sake.

From a fan's point of view, even though I had some trouble getting used to some of the character's voice actresses (the personalities, not the voice acting itself which was excellent), it was great nonetheless.

Reimu: Oh my god it's a *bleep*.

The music, while not something stand-out-ish, was good as well. All of it fit nicely with the mood of the moment and did its job. The intro song of the episode was nicely done, by the way.

Taking nude pictures while you're in the shower is no challenge for Aya.

There was a also a fight scene near the end of the episode and, surprisingly, it was very well animated. The effects were top-class and the fluidity and movements were pretty impressive for what the anime was.

Bringin' Marisa along for the ride.

Embarking on a search for Reimu's missing shrine maiden donation box.

At the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable watch. I thought it was pretty amazing for a doujin animation. I expect the next episode to be better, although I am not sure as to when it will come out. It seems the possibility of another episode will depend on the sales, but I can't be too sure about this either.

2008 has been a good one. Oh yeah. (H)

Oh, by the way, apparently Patchouli has Wikipedia on her library.

comiket 75 touhou anime
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Jan 3, 09 9:53am

Well, seeing as I like to keep in touch with different stuff and whatnot and I feel the need to review random things, I decided to make a blog, which I shall update every now and then when something interesting happens. Hope you enjoy.

The image says "yukkuri shitteitte ne!" which is loosely translated to "TAKE IT EASY". I'm really fond of the meme as it seems to apply to the way I like to reflect upon life. Besides, the yukkuri are pretty freaking hilarious.

So yeah apparently "!"s at the end of URL link markup mess up the code. It took me a bit to get the above link right until Andy (Vermillion) pointed it out for me.



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