Skye The Writer
Feb 14, 09 7:02pm

Happy Valentine’s day to you!
I hope you know you're one of my friends, I hope you know this poem I wrote is just for you, I hope you understand the bond I share with you, and I hope we can keep that love strong all year long. This special day full of love, I hope you know I'll be thinking about you. You’re my friend and that's what matters. We've been through hard times and good times, threw smiles and tears. You've been my friend threw it all and I respect you for that all so much, so keep a smile on your face, and memories lively. Together forever, you're one of my best friends, whether you like it or not. I sure hope you do.
With Love

Skye The Writer
Dec 24, 08 11:17pm
Heyy Adam!
The holiday season is for being thankful and this year I'm thankful for all my great friends.
. I hope you have a great Christmas and I hope to talk to you more in the new year.

With love
Your Friend
PinkyPink x

D i o s c u r i The Writer
Dec 14, 08 9:05pm

Happy holidays, TW. =)

(sorry, need to fill up the 125 characters minimum thing. deuashdiasdksdfnsdiufsa)
Bitter Sweet The Writer
Aug 12, 08 10:00pm
Like, how come you only have one signing? D:
Not cool. Here, have another.

Ta da!! YAY YAY! Ok, I'm done now. *cough cough*
Take care!
Vegetazoid The Writer
Aug 3, 08 6:49pm
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!