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The True King
Jul 5, 09 7:02am
good and hard,i like fighting,and kicking guards asses Jak2
The True King
Jun 13, 09 11:08pm
added 2 cheats
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  • "Greatest Hits Edition Jak2"
    Piotrusp98 Mar 9, 12 5:52pm
  • "This game is one of the BEST games in the WORLD!!! Jak2"
    Tailsmo Apr 22, 11 10:59pm
  • "Played as a criminal more so than actually doing the quests n stuff. Jak2"
    kumorispirit Nov 25, 10 8:36pm
  • "absoluetly great game Jak2"
    hujgbyu Nov 13, 10 12:23pm
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