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People, you have to stop criticizing me. It is immature to do this. Can't a guy ever get some peace for once?! Like really, people, take a chill pill or take a vacation. You need to chill. I'm just a normal guy trying to help but people keep criticizing me like this. It's just so not right to me. Please stop doing this. Please stop. Please...

(My deepest blog post so far! :P)


People are ignorant these days. They can be told 3 times to do something, and still not get it in their head. What a shame. People need responsibility these days.


I'm about to get like 200 posts and get to the new title Can't stop me now! Anyways yea, just an update, not anything special. Just wanted to tell you this. So you can't stop The Striker now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Too many things coming to mind. So many stuff to answer in Loungin'! And they are all true! O_O. Omg I am a machine!!!! Muhahahahahahahaha! Now I can strike out of the darkness! Beware you will be facing your death now! >:D!

I will help anybody if I can... Or die asking...
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