Keep in mind every chip is different. Your mileage may vary. read more

You have to do it using the reference clock. For more information, please read this page of the original Llano review. read more


If you have the same motherboard, you will find all the settings in the BIOS. read more

Hi Adam,

Are you talking specifically about the ASUS UEFI?

Personally, I am still using that very... read more

It can output up to 7.1 surround sound via the optical out. read more

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In your article there is a chart with tests on non DX11 games, as this chart reflects exactly what is...
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Actually I have this two items and crossfiring them didn't improved graphics at all. In fact the video...
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I am going to buy an A8-3870K this month and need a good mainboard for it. I favourize the...
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Man how much did they pay you to pump out that brown noser review.

I work on computers as a tech...
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How does this comment
"At $130, the Sirius is definitely more expensive than other stereo gaming headsets,...
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I finally got a reply from ECS. Turbo Mode was removed for the mass production units because there were instability... read more

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Ok, I'll make a test of stability, but with which program to do it? And another question; I used...
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I'm guessing they had "manual" testing of each board and disabled Turbo mode on purpose, on those which...
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That's a good question. I would try to run a stability test overnight to see if it is completely stable. read more

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The Smith, Thank you so much! I did it! Everything is fine, and thank you very much! Give me the...
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Here is the BIOS, saved with the utility you mentionned above.

Also, here is a pic of what to expect.

Good luck, let... read more