Last 10 Threads started by The Slayer
I'm going to win an Xbox One on every2minutes 17 Nov 18, 2013
Stock tip: Invest in BDG (Badger) and ZIT on BAWSAQ 126 Sep 26, 2013
Rockstar is advising players to avoid garages until a bug can be fixed 18 Sep 24, 2013
Michael is customizing his own car without my help... 11 Sep 23, 2013
[Spoilers] More guide leaks: Some weapons, wanted level info, achievements, some vehicles 9 Sep 12, 2013
[Possible Spoilers] GTAV Map leaked 43 Sep 10, 2013
Best place to preorder? 4 Aug 27, 2013
[v1.7.5c] Received 186+ notification emails that someone mentioned me in a thread (and still coming) 5 Aug 14, 2013
Needing some ideas for a family gift exchange/dirty santa 20 Nov 26, 2012
Puerto Rico voted to become the 51st state 2 Nov 07, 2012
Last 10 Threads in which The Slayer participated
Post Your Desktop 124 Sep 24, 2015
Whatever happened to some of the old members? 252 Sep 14, 2015
Quick, Avalith is chasing you! 33 Sep 07, 2015
Black Activists Call for Lynching and Hanging of White People and Cops 141 Aug 31, 2015
The shame has become too much to bear, Loungin'. I must confess something to you. 15 Aug 13, 2015
You find a genie that can grant one wish for you as long as it is possible through regular means. What do you wish for? 33 Aug 13, 2015
Hi Loungin', I'm Chad! Ask Me Anything! 69 Jul 12, 2015
iExplosion provides unconventional and unexpected weekend alarm clock 15 Jul 07, 2015
Jurassic World 338 Jun 14, 2015
The places you've visited 37 Jun 09, 2015
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