Mom was on the phone with ISP and microsoft support trying to fix internet for 2 hours. 10 minute phone call with me and its fixed.
I have two Samsung TV's and two Xbox 360's. When I try to turn one off, the other turns on -_-
Just bought my first .02 of a bitcoin. Anyone else own any BTC?
Xbox One with Dead Rising 3 for $357.
Halfway to an Xbox One! just need 55 Mountain Dew and 63 Doritos codes!
Send me your every2minutes codes!

I am actually considering buying about $300 worth of Doritos products and entering all the codes and winning an xbox one on e

Is anyone an absolute pro at Android?
Watching the credits on GTA V. GG
I think Dragoon has some crazy, unhealthy obsession with Dr. Who.

There's a few threads going on Reddit where people are trying to get everyone to invest in HawkAndLIttle on the BAWSAQ st http://suppo

I'm about 3/4th's through the story, 48% game completion. I haven't bought Los Santos Customs either. And micheal

GTA V tomorrow!
Attention England: Pls tell your princess to hurry up and have her baby so my crappy American news can have something better to gossip about
Need some good Android apps. Suggestions?
Bought a Galaxy S4 a few days ago. Love it. Still trying to figure out the Android OS though.
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