1) Is it an Ability? No 2) Is it an Item? No

Has anyone got this yet? You have to kill 1000 invading dark spirits and it supposedly appears in your inventory. I'm

So apparantly to celebrate the DLC announcement, if you go to the Iron Chest in the Majula Mansion Basement (where the Soul V

Has been testing really well on DevPro. Basic Sylvan super spam with a bit more control. DN is currently not working for me

Hey guys, I'm looking for any of the above for breeding reasons etc. Also if anyone could tell me what type my friend

Okay, I've been testing this for the past few days because I get bored of generic meta decks etc. and for some unknown re

Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this forum (not to Neoseeker though) as I haven't really played this game in about 2 year

The first time I played this game I played it on Normal, then straight after completing that I jumped into Survivor. For me,

FMA Brotherhood is the best thing ever
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