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Dec 29, 11 10:52pm
I'm black and I'm proud.
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Aug 27, 10 3:12am
"Those who never try, always fail. Those who always try, never truly fail."
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Aug 21, 10 8:48pm

August 21, 2010

Well, here I am, back again with another post. I forgot to post last week, but I was really I'll just throw last week in here too.

My Week

Well, I've got two weeks to make up for. So, let's see. Last week, I house-sat for a friend of mine who's mom threw him a surprise birthday party. He just turned 22, and they went rafting for a few days. Apparently they had lots of fun. I didn't go, obviously. lol. But the first night I was house-sitting I ended up staying out until about 4 am and partying with some friends down the road. Fun times. We walked through the graveyard for like an hour. Ha.

This week, I haven't done much besides work, but I did have a sort of fling with a girl who is leaving town today. It was fun while it lasted, but unfortunately very short. No fun, eh? Hah. Also, this week, I was turned down as a judge in the Pokemon Black Spriting competition. Oh well, they couldn't handle my skillz. Haha.

N00b of the Week

The Killing Light

Yup. That's right. I'm giving the title to myself for this week. Why? Because of a certain thread I made in Loungin' and while I may have wanted someone to actually answer the questions I asked, I totally pulled a n00b move with the way I set the thread up. So therefor, I'm giving n00b of the week to myself. I decided it would be funny to post "An Hero" thread, completely disregarding the fact that not only is it against the forum rules, but just *bleep*ing stupid to be honest. Oh well. I guess I deserved that one. :/


Alright, well this week, I've spent way too much time playing Chakan: Forever Man It's a Sega: Genesis game about a man who was a brutal warrior, unbeatable in life, and challenged Death to a battle. He won, and was granted immortality, at a cost. He was doomed to roam the earth until the day when all evil in the world was destroyed.

For a game that's almost as old as I am, it was a damn good one. I remember playing that game until like 97 or 98, when I first got my Nintendo 64. Ahh....memories. :D


Well, I haven't got any new critters to post on spore from the last two weeks, but I have been playing a lot of Galactic Adventures. Good game tbh. Anyway, my captain level is 3, and I am very excited to keep leveling him up. Maybe I'll make some more critters and captains to post up next week. :3

Complaints About Neoseeker

The only complaint I have for this week is that although my An Hero thread was stupid, I did ask a legitimate question, and no one saw fit to answer it, only to reply saying how much of a moron I am. Although, fair be it, I did deserve some hate. :/


Well, this week, I'm reading a book called "Beyond The Dark Portal" it's a book based on the lore of World of Warcraft. Yes, uber nerd. But, it's a great book, and I'm only like 2 chapters in. But let me tell you, if you ever get a chance to read a WoW book, I would strongly suggest "Lord of the Clans". Possibly my favorite WoW Lore book.

Also, I have finished the Fullmetal Alchemist series. I lied in my last blog, it was not brotherhood. Although I did start the actual series of brotherhood last night. I'm on episode 3. I've only noticed slight differencces and am wondering if it will continue on this way. Also, I'm sad that Edward and Alphonse Elric are voiced by different people. I really liked their old voices. :/

If I tire of FMA, I will start working on the Claymore series.

Well, folks, that's all I've got for you this week. I still ask of you, suggest new themes and ideas for my blog! PM me anything you may want me to throw in, and I will gladly do it!

And remember to recommend me to a friend, so I get more readers!!

TKL Loves You!

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Aug 9, 10 1:29am

August 8, 2010

I know I'm a day late, and I am going to have to omit a couple sections of this post, but I'm adding a new one too, so I'll still do my best to make it entertaining.

My Week...

Well, it was my first full week of my new job. I work at a Plumbing & Hardware store, I know, I know, not the most glorified of jobs, but it really is a great job. I work with awesome people, and it's probably the most laid back (legal) job in the county. I started on as inventory, and have now been hired on permanently, GO DAN! ;D Through the course of the work week, I got to know my coworkers really well (most of them I'd had pre-existing friendships with), and I have to say, they're all great. The boss is gay, and I'm pretty sure has a thing for me -_- but if it keeps me working there, I'm all for it. So basically this week, aside from work, I haven't done jack shit. I've sat around. Played on neoseeker, and played a shit ton of spore. Oh, and if you didn't see my thread in Loungin' on...tuesday I think? Yeah, my ex girlfriend is a bitch. And when I started being an asshole to her, she started calling me more and telling me she "really wants to see me" and that we "really have to hang out as soon as possible". *bleep*ing hate that shit.


Yes, this is the new section, the section where I talk about my most recent/favorite creations. Yay! You all get to hear about it now. Have fun!

Okay, so I got the game installed, then I installed the patch, which gave me exoskeletal arms/legs. Then I installed the Creepy & Cute parts pack, and finally, Galactic adventures. Yes, I've had this whole setup before, but I didn't have a computer for a long time because my old laptop ate shit. Anyway, here's a couple of my most recent creations (not necessarily my favorites).

Description: A breed of dragon that was born in the core of a volcano, they have the ability to spit fire, as well as destroy any creature that gets in their way.

This one is one of my newest. It was my first attempt at a dragon creature. I think I did alright, what do you guys think?

No Description

This is one of my favorites. I honestly couldn't say why, I just really like this one. :)

My WoW

This week, I didn't play WoW too much, although I did play enough to make a Blood Elf Paladin named "Pinknail" for the fact that my middle finger is painted pink. Don't ask why. Anyway, yeah, so I started my first alt character, and got it to level 15. That's all I've done on WoW this week. Totally mind blowing, right?


Well, I downloaded more emu's and roms this week. I downloaded an NES emulator, along with about 500 games. *bleep*ing awesome if I say so myself. I have been playing the original Final Fantasy a hell of a lot, as well as "Chakan: The Forever Man" on the Sega Genesis emulator. God, I'd forgotten the joys of 16-bit home systems. I'm glad to be back in my own little world of childhood again. Now to work on getting me an Atari emu.


Well, this week, I started watching a show I've been wanting to watch for ages. It's called "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" I'm sure many of you have already heard of this show, and/or watched it at least once. In my opinion it is a fantastic show with a good plot. It's about two kids, Ed Elric, and Al Elric, who wanted so badly to bring their mother back to life, they tried a forbidden alchemy and paid dearly with their own flesh, as well as it resulting in failure. So now they journey around the world in hopes of finding a way to put things back to normal. I'm really enjoying this series, and if you haven't seen it yet, I suggest giving it a shot. is probably one of the best Anime sites I've found yet.

Also, I'm reading a book by Neil Gaiman called "American Gods". It's a fantasy novel about a man named Shadow, who was sent to prison for armed robbery, and the week he gets out of prison, his wife dies. On his way home he meets a strange man named Mr. Wednesday, who offers him a job. He declines at first, but finally accepts, and is thrown into a world of which he will never fully understand. Again, I would suggest this book to any person out there who likes to read a well thought out and well written novel. It's about 500 pages. So be in for a relatively long read.

Unfortunately that's all I have for you this week. I didn't look too hard for a n00b of the week this time, and hopefully I'll find one for next week. But as I come across new sections or even knew things to talk about in old sections, I'll be sure to let you all know!

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Aug 1, 10 5:11am

July 31, 2010

Good lord, it's been almost 2 years since my last blog entry of this kind.
Well, to those who give a shit, I will be changing up the way I do this blog. I will have what I did that week, n00b of the week, complaints (if there is any), reporting on any good manga/anime I may have watched/read, reporting on what GBA/GBC games I am playing via ROM, and what is happening on my WoW character. To be fair, I probably won't post all of those in every post I do, but I'll mix and match them as necessary. The posts will probably come every Saturday night as I don't work Sundays. :) Anyway, let's get started.

My Week

Alright, well, it's Saturday, so I have a full week to cover. Saturday, I was just getting back to my family after spending a good amount of time in Idaho, and then with my best friend back here in California. So, I spent some time with my brothers, friends, and Mom. Then Wednesday came and I was supposed to go to the CCC Building for recruitment. I did go, but have to wait a good amount of time, as all openings are currently full. So, I came back here, and decided I'd better look for a job for the time being. Thursday I went into a store called Wycoff's Plumbing & Hardware, and had a job within minutes. Right now it's temporary, but if I impress the boss, it'll be permanent. Which is good. So, the last two days I have been working at my new job which is fantastic fun. The 10 hour days go faster than some 5 hour days I've had at other jobs. So, here I sit now, debating whether or not I want to go ahead and enter a Pokemon sprite into the Pokemon Black spriting competition. I haven't sprited in forever, so I will probably practice a bit first.

My WoW

Not that most people give two shits about WoW, but I just reactivated my account, to play along with my brothers and friends. When I reactivated, I was level 27, and after 2 days was level 31. Better than I've done in a while. Also, I got a new pet. It's a lion named Oshlatwo. I was feeling VERY original, so I renamed it the old pet's name with "two" at the end. Skilled, inorite? Also, there was this really annoying twat of an Orc Shaman. The bastard kept asking me for help on a quest that I couldn't help with because I wasn't a shaman, and after I explained this to him, he raged on me and told me I was a shaman and that I was lying to him. So I just ignored him. Very exciting...I know. :thick: Anyway, more updates as I progress.

N00b of the Week


So, I'm sure you've all heard of this "Chad" Fellow. He thinks he is all that, with his 12,751 posts, and join date of December 18, 2004. Pssh. Who does he think he is? All taking over for Keiichi, Ren of Heavens, and Sonic Flash. Peeshaaaa! He just thinks he's all cool, and a totally awesome Mod just because everyone on Neoseeker loves him, and he was a very....strange slave master (to say the least). He just thinks that he can waltz in all nimbly bimbly, leaping from tree to tree and drinking milk out of a saucer?! Well, just because he was an awesome forum mod doesn't mean he should be supermod! Hell, Anime Gurl should be the new SuperMod! She's completely mature and fair in every way!

By now you've probably realized this blog is ass-backwards, and what I'm trying to say is, Congratulations, Chad, you really deserve this one.

I'll do the real NOTW starting next Saturday, also, keep an eye out for me, Seekers, and if you notice anyone that deserves the title, go ahead and send me a PM to let me know why! I'll be happy to include you as the reporter!


Well, right now I am playing Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Adventure that was my absolute favorite GBC game aside from all the Pokemon games. I love the idea that you could breed different monsters that you couldn't catch wild through random groups of parents, I just love having control like that in a game. The story was a great one, as well as all the sub-stories that exist in each level you travel into. Goodness, if you've never played it, I would highly suggest doing so at some point soon. Via ROM, or a real version of it. ROM's are cheaper though :P

Anyway, if you have played it, go ahead and drop a comment telling me your opinion on the game.

Complaints about Neoseeker

Since I've been back, I have no complaints so far, except that there has been an explosion of noobs from what I hear, although I cannot confirm or deny these accusations, since I have not been around the alleged noobs much since my return. Hopefully one of them will make a great NOTW though. :D


Well, the most recent Manga I have read was After School Nightmare. It was about a boy who was both male and female. As in he had no boobs, but a *bleep*. It was strange at first. They go to a special school, and in this school, there is a class they take once a week that sends them plummeting into a dream world, where they take on forms of what they feel inside, and they have to fight their way through, find a key, and use said key to graduate from the class, and through that, the school. The story is basically a coming-of-age story with a fantastic twist. I really enjoyed it and I would highly suggest it to anyone who is a fan of Shojou Manga, or just Manga in general.

And that about wraps it up for this week guys and gals. Go ahead and leave any love/hate comments that you wish. The more comments the better. And if you can think of any sections to include in my weekly rant, please god, let me know. The more I can type, the better my blog will be. Also, if you find my rants interesting, please refer me to a friend, I love attention! :thick:

So long, folks, and have a great night!

TKL Loves You!


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May 7, 10 9:27pm

Shoot, I just read over my old blogs as WonderMailer, and I realized, I should continue my n00b of the week scouting as well as reporting on random shit about neoseeker....and I shall!

My first post of this renewed idea,, maybe.

K, well, if you wanna know what it looks like, go onto WonderMailer's blog and read it. :D

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May 3, 09 4:49am

That's right, I'm going to Hawaii! I'll be there for an entire week, and probably will have no internet access whatsoever! So, for a short time, goodbye neoseeker!

I'm going on my Senior Trip. I graduate in one month and this is a terrific way to spend the last few weeks of school...even thought the trip is only for one month.

Wish me luck everyone, I have to go to San Fransisco International Airport (SFO) and with the swine flu virus going around, I could be in trouble, so wish me luck in not getting it.

I have plenty of clothes and such packed, but unfortunately I don't own any shorts, so I am getting a few pairs while I'm there, yay me. :thick:

Yup, so I hope you all have a good week as well as I'm sure I will be. I'll edit this post with an update as soon as I get back....if I get any comments that is.

Also, to anyone who has my cell phone number, please do not call me while I am gone. I should be back home at about 8 am on saturday pacific standard time, so feel free to call then.

Oh, also you can text me while I'm gone, that's no worries. Though my replies may be short and infrequent.

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