The Killer Fish
Dec 9, 13 10:53pm
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Larger, Smarter, Better, Donger ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
The Killer Fish
Oct 2, 13 12:01am
Name Undisclosed cannot handle the persian dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
The Killer Fish
Aug 14, 13 6:43pm
and now RIP in piece keyboard well miss u
The Killer Fish
Aug 14, 13 4:24pm
RIP in peace middle click once again
The Killer Fish
Aug 5, 13 8:01pm
RIP middle click 2011 - 2013
The Killer Fish
Feb 26, 13 11:48pm
The Killer Fish
Jan 14, 13 11:38pm
pigeons > humans
The Killer Fish
Dec 14, 12 5:27pm
let it be known that Name Undisclosed does, in fact, not even lift.
The Killer Fish
Dec 2, 12 5:02pm
OH *bleep* I POSTED
The Killer Fish
Nov 30, 12 5:33pm
2000 posts, I will never post again unless one of my previous posts gets deleted
The Killer Fish
Nov 27, 12 10:21pm
ohonhonhon vive la france (not really i dont like french. or even live in france)
The Killer Fish
Nov 24, 12 8:58pm
The Killer Fish
Nov 17, 12 5:59pm
The Killer Fish
Oct 8, 12 4:51pm
Saga for president 2012
The Killer Fish
Sep 29, 12 1:37pm
Person below me is probably Saga.
The Killer Fish
Sep 28, 12 5:24pm
OKAY THEN canderson
The Killer Fish
Jun 27, 12 3:25pm
I'm in my basement. Killing my mom. And Satan. And myself.
The Killer Fish blogged
Jun 3, 12 7:24pm

Today, I went out on a journey. I bid goodbye to Firefox for now. I stored everything neatly in there, so that if I ever come back, I have something nice to look at.
As I ventured into the Chrome world, I was asked, "would you like to import your bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox?" This was a great start. As I'm adding the bookmarks to the bookmark bar, I notice something strange. Indeed, the bookmark bar is much smaller now. I take a look around, and ask myself "what's missing?"
Then, I realize something. NAMfox isn't there. The little drop-down menu that used to take me to the my.neoforum page instantly isn't there anymore. My usual markup isn't there, either. This is certainly something I'll miss from Firefox.

The Killer Fish
Jul 17, 10 12:14am
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