Last 10 Threads started by The Hazard
Automatic Repair/PC won't boot up 3 Feb 20, 2014
John Cena puts over Antonio Cesaro at house show 6 Nov 11, 2013
Comparing rappers to TV shows 4 Nov 10, 2013
Who am I? 163 Aug 29, 2013
Whose Line Is It Anyway? 123 Aug 14, 2013
Happy Canada Day 19 Jul 01, 2013
Dragonborn (Daniel Bryan Appreciation thread) 10 Jun 14, 2013
Job Dilemma 20 May 30, 2013
Who gave these god damn mayans any attention to begin with 5 Dec 20, 2012
Normal, Quick & Epic matches 12 Nov 01, 2012
Last 10 Threads in which The Hazard participated
Which of your bonds is most important? 9 Aug 28, 2014
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Creating one superior race to end racism 10 Aug 28, 2014
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 31 Aug 28, 2014
Teen dies after attempting to put on new twist of Ice Bucket Challenge 9 Aug 27, 2014
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 31 Aug 27, 2014
Piracy killed Kick Ass 3 15 Aug 27, 2014
Hip-Hop Mafia: These Hoes Ain't Loyal 247 Aug 24, 2014
Why did you decide you were an atheist/leave your parents religion. 37 Aug 24, 2014
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