Happy 4/20, dudes.

Hey guys, last night my Sony laptop started giving out by which I mean there was a data error, and ever since then it won&

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So.. Phonte did this on Twitter a few months back. Phonte is a dope emcee, really dug his last project Charity Starts At Home

Holy crap, a hazardous blog post! At last.

I usually don't do these things cause I always think of things to rave about, but when I get to it, I forget. Something has been itching my mind lately though. Ahem.

I hate how people snort, sniff, and inject themselves with this substance that is called, none other than the Nostalgia Drug.

For the record, I'm not talking about stuff like the "I just nostalgia'd last night" thread. Hell, I love that thread. I check into it every now and then and my heart warms up a cinch remembering things.

What I mean is people on Neo, Facebook, whatever goin' around and saying shit like music is dead, TV shows are dead, no good video games are comin out anymore, and whatever else crock they manage to pull out of their mouth.

I realize there's nothin' inherently wrong with people solely thinking on these things in a certain way. You can not like the music of today. I personally stayed off TV for half a year and I'm sure many have done more than me. Hell, some of my friends sold their X360s because they don't think video games are worth a damn today. Understand that. But I'm talkin' about the lazy holes who rant and rave endlessly about the "good old days" whenever there's a chance to, sayin there's nothing worth shit today, but more importantly when they're just not lookin. Not only is it a negative mindset to have, but you're just encouraging other people to think the same, and today you got 13-year old kids thinking they're the shit for blastin' The Beatles all afternoon.

There was shitty music back then, and there's shitty music today.

There were shitty games back then, and there are just as shitty games today. Nothing's died, and nothing has awoken.

Not to mention sometimes people compare fundamentally unrelated things. A good portion of people also are downright lazy about their interests. People who say "hip hop is dead, it's all Soulja Boy/50 Cent now blah blah blah" normally turn out to be people who just look at the charts and if they don't see something they like, they blame the world for not catering to them.

Fair enough if you loved playing Super Mario Bros. all day while listening to Aerosmith, or that your super awesome underground band is always tucked under the rug - I won't dispute that, not my place. And yeah, I also think MTV, cartoons, wrestling and theme card games(pokemon, etc) used to be better and more worthwhile, but I'm not gonna get into a tirade about it every chance I get. I'm at least gonna make an effort to enjoy the present.

I just know in 25 years, youngins will be walkin around like "god, the 30s suck, now 2010s.. the good old days. god, house was the shit etc".

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