The Legend Killer The Crow
Jan 27, 10 11:41am
Wow this is awkward, huh? Been about 5 years now since I've really been back on this site.

Things have changed man. I was just looking back on "the good ol' days" and I got some good laughs out of it. The flame wars, the friends, the wrestling role playing games, my horrible grammar, all that good stuff. The crazy thing is, I barely remember who half the friends on my friends list are. The names ring bells but I have no idea who they are. Of course you, flave, froggy, bri and those guys I still remember but it's just been funny looking back on everything.

I think I might actually stick around now. Home life is going decently and I can be back to my old ways of being on more often.

Hit me back if your still alive.
Cattle Mutilation The Crow
Jul 8, 08 3:38am
Hell yeah. This is only the beginning, my love.

I have no idea what I mean by that.


Mindgames The Crow
Jan 24, 08 9:10am
Hey Crow. First off, thanks a lot for commenting on my diary, I really appreciate it. I <3 you too lol. Second, since I have not singed it yet, I thought hey why not sign the GB of one of the greatest Role Player's of our time lol. TBH, you should start a diary Crow, it would be win. It's win before you even make it lol. So yeah, stay pimpin, work hard for that cheese and don't be missing the bus lol. Here is a cool stamp that I had no part in making haha....

See ya round bro
Cattle Mutilation The Crow
Sep 5, 07 1:58am
Three more minutes!

BTW, that was supposed say "that he does not like..." >_>.

How are you doing on this terrible afternoon?
Cattle Mutilation The Crow
Sep 5, 07 1:54am

We did it!

*This guestbook signing has nothing to do with the fact that member, Cattle Mutilation has ten grueling more minutes left of school so he's just *bleep*ing around signing people's guestbooks. However, this should not make you imply that he is happy Phil Brooks, better known as "C.M. Punk" is the new "ECW Champion." We are reporting that he's already had ten different dreams about CM Punk's title reign. We are also now reporting that there are still eight minutes left. How will he ever get through those grueling minutes? This just in! It's now seven minutes! We encourage you now to start beating your desk to the tune of Miseria Cantare by AFI. Thank you.*
J Bro The Crow
Jan 4, 07 10:31am
I thought I would sign your guestbook so here.

I know I know. It is the best thing you ever seen since sliced bread!
alleniverson3 The Crow
Oct 7, 06 3:29am
Yeah, my family does that all the time. "You sure you don't want a sip?" "NO MOTHER *bleep*ER NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" Then I get yelled at... on my birthday! Anyway, thanks dude, and yes... I have already finished watching my ROH DVDs.

<--- Is ROH'ed out.

Still not sure what to get when my parents take me out though. Guess I could be like Dudley and ask for 38 presents... BUT LAST YEAR I HAD 37!!

Eh you don't watch HP lmao. Anyway, catch you later.
Iconic The Crow
Aug 11, 06 12:39pm
Apparently I'm bored like the other guy but meh you never sign back. Anyways I thought I would stamp you with a favorite of mine.
alleniverson3 The Crow
Aug 4, 06 9:13am
Eh... bored. Punk was awesome last night huh?

~MATTISM Tour 2006~
dugarry The Crow
Jul 28, 06 11:54pm

Boontz_Lottie The Crow
Jul 28, 06 9:02pm
Happy times for your Wednesday 13 concert, they come to Australia in October ... but not to my state unfortunately Haha, 13 of September is a Wednesday, get it Wednesday 13 hahaha ... Yeah I'll just stamp and leave now, enjoy

alleniverson3 The Crow
Jul 28, 06 5:28am
Loved your last guest book signing. Chris opened a new fed, if you're ever interested. CM Punk is taken, but he isn't really active. Plus there's Shannon Moore or someone else open lol. >.< Anyways, I'm so excited for CM Punk, one more week! One more week! One more week!

JOEISM 2006 Bitches


P.S. Future Star Of ECW:

He not only takes thumbtack bumps he eats thumbtacks for breakfasts!

alleniverson3 The Crow
Jul 3, 06 5:06pm
The Following Message Is Brought To You By JOEISM :: Believe... Or Get Choked Out.

Tired of Joe hogging up your time? Well follow the simple instructions, and see a very example of this happening! Yes! We have actual proof of someone mocking Joseph!

1.) When Joe isn't looking, open your mouth wide, straining your face into a gorilla expression. Should make you look like you're in deep thought yet confusion.

2.) Move mouth up and down while Joe is talking; as long as he doesn't see you, you're safe from the Coquina Clutch

3.) Sigh constantly. Eventually, he will get the clue.

4.) Birb and or make annoying sounds while Joe is cutting his "boring" promos.

5.) Tell him there are McNuggets by the camera man; there is a good chance he will be stunned in silence, looking for the nuggets. This gives you ample time to begin talking.

6.) Don't taunt him too much; this could be like poking a lion with a stick. A very big lion mind you.

7.) Poke him in the ribs; he WILL shut up. (You may want to run after this suggestion.)

8.) Tell him he's fat. He will immediately begin to cry; in this case, please call Dr. Phill immediately, or he will slide into a cronic depression with violence and anger included.

9.) Start doing pushups in front of Joe, there is a good chance he will get jealous of this amazing feat.

10.) Taunt him by saying you have Maria... and he has nothing...

Finally... here is an example from our top ten suggestions!! YES!!! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!! ARE YOU READY?!

Iconic The Crow
Jun 12, 06 4:22pm

I thought I would bless you...

Ameeeeeerican Dreaaaaaaam
He's just a common man
Working hard with his hands
He's just a common man
Working hard for the man
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
If you are black or white*
Redneck bucket backs four wives*
Blew right through kaleidoscope*
Common man has got his gold
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
The American Dream
Yeah Yeah Yeah
The American Dream

Non The Crow
May 16, 06 6:49pm
yeah i made a stamp so i'm gonna use it. and this pic actually reminded me of myself... wonder why =P
ligarbomb74 The Crow
Apr 28, 06 7:06am
stay in the mole hole with u ass up in your face!!!!

Ash Blue The Crow
Jan 21, 06 3:37pm
HI! I'm from Rochdale too. I don't have anyhting to stamp with yet. So this dancing banana will have to do..

EmmieGurl The Crow
Jan 14, 06 5:27am
I am stamping your guestbook on behalf of my owner Zero Tolerance, I am his neo slave for a week and he is making me do this, as well as typing in bold red font. Zero is the best neo seeker of all time!
leecy The Crow
Jan 13, 06 5:51am
haha..nice sig you got going there, great joint effort...even tho, i still havn't hit my mum with that phonebook hehe...<3eyes

luffs Leecy xx
Predicate The Crow
Dec 25, 05 1:02pm
Merry Christmas. Hope you and your family have a great holiday. Be safe. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sign back whenever you can please.

Hardyz 4 Life The Crow
Dec 19, 05 9:59am

Seen you around but haven't been bothered to sign anyones guestbook, lazy ass i am. Hope you like my stamp.
venom The Crow
Dec 18, 05 5:29am
Hey, just tried to send you a PM, and a message came up telling me you couldn't receive PM's anymore because you had reached the maximum amount of storage, just so you know, it might be an idea to start deleting PMs.
The Effekt The Crow
Dec 6, 05 2:41pm
Hey Crow I have seen you in the EWR forum and we both have a TNA Diary going on, only differance is you are in a Duel. Anyways nice diary and thanks for voting in my poll in my TNA Diary. Well cya!
Iconic The Crow
Nov 25, 05 7:50pm
Yes I'm signing your guestbook. Yes it's a shock because I don't sign guestbooks. You should feel very lucky for being signed by the Iconic one. All joking aside I don't really know you but you seem really cool. Anyways heres a stamp:

The Level The Crow
Nov 24, 05 3:34am
Whats Up man? Signing because your a really cool friend of mine. Hope our Matt and Edge fued goes over very well. Let's see who can come out on top this time uh?