hahhahahahaha I luvs you and I want to be with you for the rest of mah days baby!!!! I want to have it rough with chu xDD and ill make you say pretty things to meh >:3
Anywway. I don't have a stamp to begin with. After so long without signing, you better read this. ;1; Just here to say SOP and have a good one since we've been (irl) friends for so long. :3

Merry Christmas!
Hope you're having a great time, opening presents, and doing all sorts of christmas-y things, too bad I can't do such things,as I don't celebrate Christmas. XD


Yo Alex. :3

Did you know you and Amy both inspire me to do both graphics making and Drawing.
You're so good at banners and stuff alike, I envy you so.>3

One day, I'm going to be as good as you. Or at least I hope. ;-;

Warm regards,
Aina. <3
One of these days... you gotta help me out on a Touhou game, you know? That or chat. =p

Hai Bruddah from anotha motha. !!
Whats good ?
Your never on
Msn anymore
Or we dont have
Real conversations
Lolol. So get
yo butt on
MSN!!! xD :]]
Well Bye for now
I'm getting tired/.
this is 125 characters. ;p

you cant have 5 or more consectuvie spaces ? wtf? anyway byee. :]

Made by Trojanman

Thanks for being avaliable for my request, but unable to do it for 'hot' reasons.

I got Trojanman to make me a couple, so it's all good
lol you said butt in your Welcome messege.

Ahem, now that I got that out of my system. Have a good Holiday Alex.

Happy Holidays Alex, you photoshop God. ;]

What ever happened to my banner though? =o Did you forget about me again? ;_;

Old Stamp.; (Isn't it such a wonderful piece of crapola?)

There is my special stamp that I made. =D

Sorry, I dont have a stamp but I just felt like typing in the mornings..

"Ahem. Please put a meaningful message, and if you can, an awesome stamp, thus making my neohome pretty.


Don't do drugs? Idk my bff Jill?

That is all."

Lol. I already do drugs, can't stop me nao.... Nahh, drugs are for losers. I thought I was your bff... *cries* XD thus, such a big word Alex. Pssh. Talk to you soon.

Nice Neohome, shame it is not filled in with more information but it is great.. Shame, I wish I had one like that xD

Hi. I think that your guestbook is lonely so Shia is making it happy. MY poor baby is bleeding :[ xD Sign BAck Kthnxbai

You asked for it, Alex

hey... where did you get the vincent valetine picture.?

Just PM me

ok BYE


stupid 125 character thingy........its a b**** luls byeeeeeeeeee
Hey... I was desperate for a new account. My other one was from when I was little and stupid. I just wanted to say that you should add me! lol no..no.. Just stopping in and saying hi! lol.. talk to ya soon!!