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Apr 12, 11 6:07am

I think I`ll try my hand at a Nuzlocke Challenge for my Pokémon White version. This is the first time that I’m going to try a Nuzlocke.

The rules I`m going to set for it:

A. Pokémon that faint are released.
B. Nickname all pokémon.
C. Catch the first pokémon you see in a route.
-No Duplicates, if you run into a duplicate you have two more
tries for a pokémon on that route.
-If you encounter a species that has previously died you're allowed
to catch it
-If you have a pokémon from a certain evolutionary line and find a
wild pokémon within that line (ie. find a Woobat and you already
have a Swoobat,) you can't catch that pokémon.
-Rule is only nullified when you come across a shiny pokémon.

If I think of any more rules or clauses that I’ll set on myself I will post it later. I’m also going to do a comic/story with this run. I’m really losing a lot of interest in games recently, so this may get me more involved and into a gaming mode again.
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Jan 19, 11 5:12pm

My cat is in heat, she is annoying and I hate her so much.

So I now finally with three days off in a row I think I'm going to catch up with some gaming now.

Teru blogged
Jan 16, 11 4:53pm

So after almost a year of not looking at these blogs I decided to start using it again. First off last year in the summer I broke my phone helping people move, and Rogers wouldn't help me, so I cancelled a contract three months in. After not paying a lot of it they sent it to collections, and now I have to deal with retard calling me every so often, though it's down to $300 and I'll have it paid off by the end of February. I was stuck with my shitty call centre job until I left it in October to go to a overnight grocery store job, that sucks. It is okay other then they try to make do everyone to much work that they possibly can't finish and that there is stupid drama with the management, so now I try to find another daytime job.

After this whole collections conundrum is done with I plan to pay the local college the money I owe then (government loan didn't pay for all my tuition) so that I can go back in to something that I actually want to do with my life. I was in Business Administration but dropped it in my second year; the plan is to go into computer networking..... Oh still with my girlfriend, it's been a year in four days, our relationship is super strong and will last for many years to come. Oh since this is neo and such lets talk about some games.

So far I've been playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Persona 3 Portable, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

I've been listening to all kinds of random things at work this week, thing like Astral Projection, Lights, My Chemical Romance, Eyes Set To Kill, Escape The Fate, Black Veil Brides, and A Day To Remember. But since my ipod was stolen out of my house in the summer I have to use my phone and I usually only have about 5 hours of battery for my 8 hour shift, at least there is no more Christmas music.

So enough for now, maybe a post in a day or so.

Teru blogged
Mar 14, 10 5:21pm

I never come on neo anymore, geez. My life has become even more hectic in the last few months. My job ran out of work for three months, which left me unemployed and on Social Assistance. I fell into a deeper depression, even so much that I was thinking about giving up on everything. I was letting people walk all over me, use me. My friendships where crumpling right underneath my feet.

People back stabbed me and left me with huge debts. I had to fight for someone that had nothing and was on their way down, for them to only spit in my face and freeload off me for three months. I basically hit rock bottom, I felt lost and would never find my way back.

But at the end of January something clicked, I snapped out of my depression. I got the financial supports I needed, got rid of the extra baggage (people) that was weighing me down. I found myself the most beautiful girl, that is my everything in this world, that I love so much. My job started back, and I'm in the process of finding a second job (with the help of an employment specialist.) And I'm moving to a new house on Tuesday, that is way bigger then our current residence, which will hopefully give much needed space to reduce our fighting.

Okay now onto the vidya... first off I haven't played much in ther last couple of weeks. Maybe a few games.

#1: Fallout 3; GOTY Edition (PS3)

After playing this on my friend's 360, and enjoying this greatly I decided that I should get this for my ps3 and plus I could get all the dlc with the GOTY. I love the open world, you can do anything feeling I get from fallout 3, which is something that I dislike in Bethesda's almost identical The Elder Scrolls. Right now I'm trying to go through the game without using V.A.T.S too much.

#2: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (DS)

I'm a rabid fan of the AA series, and I just had to add this one to my collection. I haven't gotten that far into it, I'm just starting the third episode now. So far I'm like it so far, kinda missing the court environment.

#3: The World Ends With You (DS)

I've already beaten this, but I haven't gotten all the pins and threads that's in the game. I expect I'll be working on this for another 20 + hours.

#4: Pokemon Platinum (DS)

Just trying to get a party made for when HG/SS comes out (tomorrow.) Tho due to my forgetfulness of leaving it at my girlfriend's house, I haven't gotten that far in it.

Top Artists for the Week:

1: Alesana
2: Alien Vampires
3: AFI
4: Escape The Fate
5: Green Day
6: Eyes Set To Kill
7: Glamour of The Kill
8: Versailles
9: Three Days Grace
10: Chester Bennington

Top Track of the Week:

Give Me Novacaine - Green Day

Maybe I'll be active here again, idk, my life is super busy at the moment.

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Dec 14, 09 2:35pm
HerpDerp I don't post at all anymore
Teru blogged
Nov 11, 09 12:54pm

Thought that I'd update this a little...

I hardly play any games these days, the last time I actually picked something up was Golden Sun for about 40 minutes before work. I don't know what's wrong with me right now, I don't feel any enthusiasm to play anything, all I do is wake up listen to music, go to work, come home and listen to music and go on Neo. Funny thing tho is I don't even like my job anymore, I hate it so much, I just want to find a new one soon.

Well might as well use this space for my weekly top 10 artists, something I was going to use my bio for but I'll put it here as well.

Week of November 11th, 2009:

1. Three Days Grace
2. Takami Asano
3. Paramore
4. Versailles
5. Go Lucky
6. My Chemical Romance
7. A Day To Remember
8. Hadouken!
9. Underoath
10. Lady Gaga

Top Track of the Week:

Three Days Grace – Someone Who Cares

music musingsthoughts
Teru blogged
Oct 21, 09 7:40am

Long needed update....

I've got a PS3, the night that my credit card came in I got it. Was gunna go to the store for a PSP but came home with a PS3, idk why tho? I have MGS4 and Resistance for it. I bought Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days a week ago, gunna beat it tonight, if I feel up to it. I enjoyed this game very much, as a diehard KH fan, I've love the story... Tho I have to warn that this game is only for KH fans and some one new to the series shouldn't start with this game.

I work like everyday now and can't get around to much. Though I have no money for some reason...

I think I may finally get my hair cut and some piercings this weekend when I get paid. Probably going black.

I play a bit of Beatles Rock Band and Fallout 3 this week, oh and last Saturday I was up at 4am and I didn't go to bed Sunday at 6am, I was awakened by my alarm clock at 8am which kinda failed because it woke up my friend as well, lucky her cell phone went off and bugged us enough that we got up and went with our day.

ummm that's about it.

Time to beat 358/2 Days.

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Teru blogged
Sep 24, 09 9:21am

So I didn't get around to this but oh well...

In the games department.............. okay so I haven't had much time for games. I'm thinking about getting my copy of Golden Sun out again and playing that.

I've got some new music... I may try to learn how to use Famitracker so I can make some cheap chiptune, if I have time.

I got a Apple Ipod (5th Gen.) the day before it came out it was pretty sweet.First Video test with Nano

I updated my Neo profile, actually has content on it.

YAY on Monday, House and Heroes were on, both were good episodes.

mmmm.. I actually go to school now, as in show up for it!

....I thinks thats all for now. ;45;

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Teru blogged
Sep 11, 09 4:05am

Okay so I finally got my blog back (Damn 50 post limit..grrr) So I can start using this one now. My old blog is here.

I recently got Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor for the DS, an amazing find in my city (thank god for microplay.) So far it's really interesting and has been able to draw me in, other then the poor character designs. But because I'm a huge Atlus and SMT fag I had to play it, I wouldn't put it up to Persona 3 or 4, but for what it is, it does right. Also been trying to get back into Megaman Star Force 3: Red Joker, since the Neo clan Total Darkness is actually getting serious again. I semi play this steampunk MMO called Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent everyone should check it out.

As for music Paramore has recently released a new single off of brand new eyes, Brick By Boring Brick. Very awesome song, this is making more excited for September 29th, the release of brand new eyes. Started to listen to a lot of industrial as of late, god damn goth friend.

Hell's Kitchen, the only thing I've been watching right now... Out of all the remaining chefs I want, either Kevin or Dave to win. Number one there very good chefs, number two there kick ass even though their both injured... come on!

I got a new job today, it's another call center, but at least it's better then being unemployed. I start training for it on Tuesday.

Yeah as the title for things going one of the cats are pissing me off. This one can't meow at all so it sounds retard and annoying. Though the other two* aren't better.

I may update this regularly, I'm not to sure because I'm really lazy, but I could be random and update it.

*Yes I have three cats in my house, I don't own any of them though, grrr.

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