Cant help but draw comparison to other Bethesda epics and wish that this was more like them Fallout3 PC
Improved graphics but lesser story STALKERClearSky PC
Same as pc really without the mods Fallout3 PC
Came with the console. Not much fun Forsaken64 N64
Was great fun when it came out GranTurismo2 PSX
Great to play with some mates. MarioKart64 N64
Probaby the second best game to come out on the N64 GoldenEye
The best driving game when it came out GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
The best game on the Nintendo and one of the best games in history TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime N64
Great fun although the time limit is annoying TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask N64
A great racing game for the N64 Episode1Racer PC
Great game with good weapon system VagrantStory PSX
Best wrestling game ever in my opinion WWFSmackDown PSX
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