Tres Teppic
Aug 06, 04 6:05am

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high
Octarine Skye Teppic
Apr 20, 04 3:06am

There was a man
from Kazakhstan.
He buggered dead sheep
and lived in a can.
Splitter Teppic
Feb 21, 04 5:03pm
Well, I was just taking a look around and realised I hadn't signed the guestbook of the guy with repeatedly the best NeoHome on Neo, the next one is already looking amazing.

Little Miss Magic Teppic
Feb 15, 04 2:52am
Synik Teppic
Jan 20, 04 2:07am
Weapon Teppic
Jan 20, 04 1:08am
Heyo Seb. Yup, nothing much more to write down...............

Little Miss Magic Teppic
Dec 27, 03 8:05am

Merry Christmas! Hope you had a good one! Click the stamp for an animation, take care and I'll see you around the forums! ^^

Helen xox
dave_yin Teppic
Dec 27, 03 4:24am

i am nothing but another person signing meaninglessly in your vast guestbook. once upon a time you acknowledged me for who i am, for something i have done that could be considered 'good'. i don't think i have ever thanked you for that.

even if i did, i want to do so again, just to let you know that i am still alive. so ignore me if you want, or simply brush me off, but in this season, i want to wish you all the best.

Angyles Cerddoriaeth Teppic
Dec 23, 03 12:14am
ok so long time no chat. i have been awol lately and thought i'd come back and say hi to a few people. *hugs*

hope life is treqating you well and we really shoud chat sometime ^_~

Alias353 Teppic
Dec 15, 03 10:03am
This is Alias353 here to say hope you have a Merry Christmas! Or whatever you may celebrate!

Most who know me know I don't usually stamp guestbooks, so I guess that makes you special.

Iscariot Teppic
Nov 18, 03 11:19am

.from a // friend »

Torm3NTED Teppic
Nov 04, 03 2:10pm
dohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... damned becursed fingers of mine. You shall ignore thy typo/error.

Now then, Begone!

Ah yes, and here's a stamp

Oh yeah, some badass skills right there.
Torm3NTED Teppic
Nov 04, 03 2:06pm
[size=1]Ha! I am now signing your guestbook and you can't do anything about it Ha! well maybe you can delete it but I know you won't because I know the strong love that you have for me! Ha! *explodes*

Just messin' man. How's life? long time no talk oh yeah, and your retina-forum points system is poop. (Wonder how you guys figured out I only signed up for the free hosting...)

Anyways, Keep up the good work (your graphics and crap) and stay silly!

Much Lovesize]
FFX Fanatic Teppic
Oct 16, 03 1:45am
hey hope you can translate al bhed

rao! cu E druikrd E't cekh ouin kiacdpuug, cu fyd'c ib. E caa oui uh dra vunisc ymud cu E druikrd E't cekh ouin puug rara! Ryja vih, l oy nuiht yt E'mm pa yhcfaneh' ymm ouin drnaytc
Golden Miru warrior Teppic
Oct 10, 03 11:58pm
Ya know, what is up with forks? I have a lot of them. I go and buy boxes full, metal or plastic. Some are all gold and shiny. But on to my complaining. You only get 50 in a plastic box. Just 50?That won't help me give my army of canniballistic forest pixies the wepons they need to help me take over the world. And they break to easily. And you know what else, they have the wrong number of prongs. It's allways 3, but no, they had to be big and do 4. With less prongs, more forks, and that makes me happy! And silver forks, those are awesome for stabbing stuff with. Imagine, these things were made for food, when you can use them as a destuctrive weapon. Some people are really crazy, ya know.


[ XD ]
neo7 Teppic
Sep 27, 03 5:35pm
hi ive signed your guestbook and can we be friends please i hear you are cool please anyway good luck to you from the one and only neo7
silver_tidus Teppic
Aug 31, 03 10:53pm
wowo great neohome teppic i wish i could find a site to teach that i learned it in school over the summer my mind went blank
Little Miss Magic Teppic
Aug 27, 03 5:54am
I'm sure I already signed here, did you delete it? hehe well I'll sign again anyway oO Hope things are going well. It's been nice to meet ya and cool talking in the IRC chat thing. &thanks for all the games of stuff! I like your new Neohome too btw even though the orange one was pretty. You take care and I'll be seeing you around! ^^

Helen xxx
Puggy Teppic
Aug 26, 03 7:25pm
Hello Friend, I love you!

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Puggy Teppic
Aug 26, 03 7:25pm
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Pappa Diddy Pop Teppic
Aug 22, 03 1:07am
Pappa Diddy Pop > Teppic.
Synik Teppic
Aug 17, 03 12:15am
shadows power Teppic
Aug 13, 03 7:49pm
Just signing your guestbook octoteppy, with a short message saying "M33p you!"

And now, the words of the great ShadowsPower:

ShadowsPower Prepares his Boot.
ShadowsPower Fakes to the left!
ShadowsPower Fakes to the right!!!
ShadowsPower Charges ahead and PUNTZ!!!!
ShadowsPower Leans to the right....GO..GO..GO!!!!
ShadowsPower Screams YES!!!! 2 more points.

okumsup Teppic
Aug 08, 03 1:49pm
hello hello i sign this, oopa doopa doopa dee doo, i want to sign this and so should you.. oopa doopa doopa dee doo
Jul 30, 03 2:54am
Hello little boy, it's been such a long time since..never mind, come and sit on my knee..

HORSE_LATITUDES touches Tepp in a creepy Uncle kind of way.

There, feel better?
Shh, don't tell......