hi tenshi u luk so awzomesaus.


Love ya man. :3








Yay someone finally wrote back your the first one who ever signed my guest book!

Its OK about the stamp I'm just happy someone finally wrote back..typed back..you know what i mean!


if ya play halo 3 i submitted 2 new Easter eggs!

they are: How to fly an elephant and gravity switch! i hope they accept it!

You have been stamped with a diamond stamp!!

Stamp Me back!
And Stamp others!!
Stamps \/
\/ diamond



. /\
. \/ Star

Somewhere down the road, I came across the closest friends I could ever find. An immaginary road filled with people whose faces I've never seen before, and yet, I consider you as an important part of my life, whoever you are, out there in the real world.

If you've gotten this guestbook signing, you are on my friends list. Being on my friends list is something special, if you don't already know. All of you here who get this are very important people to me, even if you do not still remain here on neo to see my appreciation of you being my friend. Because you have this, we have history together, whether it be long lived or short lived. Whether we met in the casual forum topics, roleplay(s), clans in various forums, or through other people.

So, thank you for being my friend for all this time, and I hope to continue being friends.

Warm winter moon wishes to you dear.
Takecare. I'm always here for you. ^^

Yeah, yeah, Fagatron, i know it's late. *bleep* me right?

Happy Birthday. :3

Look! I made you a cake!
Happy Birthday!!!! Sorry I'm signing this late.T.T
Anyways I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

Happy Sweet 16! <3
hi SA, thought i should sign your guestbook, don't know what to say, so.
how was the first day of school and hope you had a great and



Wherever the sun may set, friends seem to appear at just the right times.

(gosh I hope the sizing thing works here... lol.) Sorry im a bit late. School just started for me and its been really hectic, especially with my computer being mean to me and not making the internet work. stupid humidity. Oh well.

hope you had a good birthday, Nick, and I wish you luck in your life.
Yes, I know I don't even know you...but I saw your CT and wanted to say happy birthday!

No stamp at the moment. Sorry.

Have a good bday.


Not my stamp, but I thought it was funny so happy birthday:D
You got a full page of Guestbook signings! ;-;
I'd consider that the best birthday present ever to be honest.
Sorry I was late.

Haha. Happy 16th Nick.
Hope you had a good one.
Man, happy birthday, and hope you had one amazing one.

You've been through a hell of a lot and are a good person, so you really do deserve it. (H)(Y)

I don't have an amazing stamp or some mushy story to say, but it's the thought that counts!

P.S.: *spanks 16 times* And one to grow on *spanks*
P.P.S.: Yes, I am aware that (Y) looks like ass cheeks on Neo.
I have two hours to sign before your birthday is over. Sorry for being late :_:.
Anyways, I hope you had an awesome birhtday man. We will talk with more calmly this weekend as I won't be busy. We have too much to talk about ;D.

I don't have a stamp. This should be good enough.

Copied it from the top of neo lolol.
Hey, dude. Hope you have good one. Anyways, thanks for being a great friend and all. You deserve this stamp and much more. I'll get you a gift once I get some money on my walletz. Uh...dunno what else to write, lol? Eh, well, I don't like to prolong messages like this, so happy mother*bleep*ing day you have come out of your mother, u silly willy. :3 Enjoy this stamp I made for you on this special occasion.

~The Answer

Happy Berfday to you.
Happy Berfday to you!
Happy Berfday to Nick!
Happy Berfday to you!

Happy birthday Nick, remember if you see Jodh in the streets, run him over.

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so i herd u liek birthdaiz. :3

Well, hope your birthday'll be more entertaining than mine. Attached is a picture of me on my last birthday:

Yeah, the entertainment that my parents got for my party was top-noch. Good times. Goooood times. :3

Enjoy it.

I made this stamp in 5 minutes in paint.

Not bad, right?

Have fun.
You can start driving now! Try not to kill people. ^_~

And here is your image of a cake.

Happy Birthday Suicide Angel =D !!!
Like I said on GD I don't really know you but here is your stampy ^^

Mean? A well. Here have this one