Feb 12, 16 9:41am
Happy 10 Year Neoversary to me (*gusts of wind*)
Tenshi shared a forum thread
Sep 1, 15 11:14pm


My friend and I were talking about how it would be nice to duel again using some sort of website or software, but I'm hav

Tenshi shared a forum thread
Apr 10, 15 11:09pm


I felt like this would be the best place to ask a bunch of sound enthusiasts. I am currently considering a new setup for my e

Dec 21, 14 2:36pm
Nov 18, 14 7:59am
10 Years late to the party but Tales of Symphonia has a nice story.
Oct 2, 14 12:08pm
Super Smash Bros? More like Super Tales of Xillia 2 still.
Sep 20, 14 8:37am
Everyone is playing Smash Bros and I'm just over here continuing my file in Tales of Xillia 2.
Sep 18, 14 4:05pm
Does anyone plan on buying a game from NISA? I have a $5 coupon that expires Oct. 2nd. disgaea fairyfencerf nisa Lorx GlancingReverse
Mar 25, 14 11:41am
Virtue Jimbotaku
Oct 1, 13 8:07pm
One week until Disgaea Dimension 2 and nothing else in the world matters.
Jul 10, 13 6:46pm
Really? "What's on your mind?" That's what Facebook is for.
Jul 1, 13 3:52pm
Wii U Arrived Today. Now to put it in storage until I get my PS4.
Jun 25, 13 4:13pm
So I just went ahead and decided to pre order the PS4 while I can. Gamestop is stlil offering Launch Date PS4's so that'll be nice.
Jun 24, 13 9:58am
I won an auction for a Wii U on eBay. Now to wait for a game I want. I'm looking at you, Smash Bros.
Jun 17, 13 9:58am
I'm anticipating new Smash Bros. enough to make me want a Wii U, but there's absolutely nothing on it that I'm interested in right now.
Jun 8, 13 9:35pm
Not buying Animal Crossing lol.
May 18, 13 11:04am
Finally beat Ni No Kuni after only 4 months. (All Sidequests & Super Boss). Just under 101 hours.
May 13, 13 6:09pm
Totally can't wait for this game :D Thanks for profiling it, Fluidity TheGuidedFateParadox
Feb 21, 13 8:09am
There's enough PS3 and 3DS games coming out to last me all of 2013 and 2014. I don't see a reason to get a PS4 before 2015.
Jul 30, 09 4:03am
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