It seems that 90% of members who joined Neo in 2001 like I did were there for GTA3. Looking for a spot of help if I remember correctly on the day of release. I was round my (I'm ashamed to say) best friend's house (a guy called AJ, you may have heard of him :P) and we were two snotty little kids who got our hands on this massive 18 rated game. I remember a great sense of awe between us. Anyway, at about 3 in the morning we got stuck on some mission and he told me to open up his computer and have a butchers for some help. I did so, googled it, Neo came up. Had a look on the forums there got the help fine.

Couple of days later I was stuck, at home, and went onto the GTA3 forum to get some help. Somewhere along the way I signed up my first account, Simball2k.

From there I started posting in the Championship Manager 01/02 forum, another game which I played everyday at the time. Was a fledging community and a lot of us from those days are still around. Most notable out of our old lil group are OOTER, Daviesw, Jambosfan1987, Liam, Nuggy, good times indeed. I ended up modding the forum with Azreal Blade and Random. The later now goes by the name Superfast Oz, I have good connections eh? ;)

During the reign of that forum my hotmail account got hacked which caused perhaps the most over the top panic I've ever seen in my life. Posting in the mod forum I was advised to create a new account or face loosing me mod spot. So, after a quick browse on the net I came up with Tehuti account. Something to with an Egyptian god I dunno.

From then it's pretty much been a wild ride filled with an unbelievable amount of normalness. Modded a fair few forums on here since and took a break for a year or two while I was at college.

Outside of Neo I've captained a very successful Xbox Live clan called The Pompey Crew. At our peak we were the second top team in a European league with a good 100 other clans, playing on average a match every night, normally lasting a few hours. We always play on the Rainbow Six series and have been for about 3 and a half years.

Went to college after school, took History, Geography, Computing, Maths (1st year) and Business (2nd year). Was never any good with exams so never did as well as I could. Would love to be at Uni now but due to financial trouble I'm not. Something in the digital arts, Business or History would've floated my boat. Think I may go for a Property Development degree in the next few years, gonna redo my A Levels first, should be good.

Can't believe I updated this, will be years before I do it again.

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These were written a few years ago now. Oh I do love hindsight..

Not really much detail to go into here, the usual sporting palava. I could just about watch any sport with about any team, it's just good fun. Playing wise would be football, badminton, table tennis, pool, spot of golf in the summer would be the main. I'm an avid supporter of Portsmouth Football Club, c'mon the Blues!

Stepping away from sport you'd find me enthralling one of the following: video gaming, net browsing, reading, graphic/web designing and just plain trying to get some knowledge or learn something. For some reason I have this passion to learn and improve myself but can't be arsed to do anything about it half the time. :D

I just love the Xbox 360, whatever you fanboys say it's at the moment the best system around. It's online play cannot be surpassed and I have been playing on Live under the Tehuti alias for about 4/5 years now. Rainbow Six, PES, it's all gravy.

Love to read a good book, either something powerful or some sort of thriller. A good example of each would be Orwell's 1984 or some sort of Clancy. I also like to read up on historical stuff from time to time, in particular about Germany or Russia and their respective empires. Terrible stuff but very interesting.

TV wise it's got to be Friends, just love that show. I literally watch it everyday on E4. 24 is perhaps my second highest show. Of course there's old stuff we used to watch as a kid and what not.

My actual friends are perhaps top of the list of interests, they're quite the interesting bunch. Going out with them and having a laugh is just the spizz.

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Review: DRIV3R - Driv3r eh

Jul 2, 2004

It may seem some time ago, but I remember playing Driver 2 with great difficulty. I was young, inpatient, and just wanted to beat the game to gloat to my friend. Of course, I never did, but that didn't matter to me: I'd wasted enough of my life...

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