SerialZero TearsOfTheHeart
Sep 02, 04 4:09am
My guestbook has now reached twenty pages! Here's a celebratory stamp as thanks for participating:

Cheers, and all that happy hoo-haw!
cheatheadVIII TearsOfTheHeart
Jun 25, 04 4:10am
I just never took time to sign your guestbook sorry! well I hope to see you around neo. you can call on me if you need any help! so WHo ya gonna call? Me!
Duckmaster TearsOfTheHeart
Jan 06, 04 3:41am
Hey,how's it hanging?Well hello thought I'd sign your here hello

Hope you like it

Can you return the favor and sign my guestbook...please?

SerialZero TearsOfTheHeart
Oct 05, 03 6:09am
SerialZero here, checking in to say thanks for signing my guestbook so long ago... I apologize for my tardiness in returning the favor. And thanks for your comments on my avatars! See ya around!
Aya Quintell TearsOfTheHeart
Aug 15, 03 11:09pm
Hello! My name is Aya Quintell and I thought it would be nice to sign your guest book for an appropriate introduction. I would love to talk but I have to leave so have fun and best luck to you in your future. Good-Bye!

Sing RahXephon,
Sing your own song,
Your forbidden song.

Smile You'll live longer.
Silver_Stripes TearsOfTheHeart
Jan 19, 03 1:27am
Hey, I just thought I'd sign your guestbook. I hope to see you around neo more. By the way you are right LOTR rocks.
~Silver Stripes~
Hi. I saw that you signed my guestbook and i would like to thank you. I really hope to see you around neoseeker alot more. Well i got to go now. Stay safe and i will cya.

CIAO <-=.G_B_F.=->
Tanis797 TearsOfTheHeart
Jan 07, 03 7:43am
Hey man whatsup I saw that you signed my guestbook so I figured why not sign yours? Thanks for the compliments, see ya later.

LuLuLady TearsOfTheHeart
Jan 04, 03 10:56pm
Well I'm here to sign you guestbook since you took the time to sign mine. I hope to see you around the KH forum more, and have fun on NeoSeeker!
Chrono_Gamer TearsOfTheHeart
Jan 04, 03 7:12am
I'm gald to see another CC fan and I hope I could help you and you could help me. Oh and about CC music I know every single one of them .I wanted to give you good luck on neoseeker. Well see ya.
yuna TearsOfTheHeart
Dec 17, 02 12:59pm
hi i just want to say your doing great and if you need any help just give me a buzz but until then i need to scream

sorry about that
Ellone TearsOfTheHeart
Nov 20, 02 1:14am
Hiya! I thought I'll sign your guestbook. You seem like a cool person and all.
See ya around and I hope you sign my guestbook too

ozzychick TearsOfTheHeart
Nov 19, 02 5:07am
I saw your sig, so I signed your guestbook. I hope that you'll sign mine when you see this! Well, I'll be seeing you around, hopefully!
Saria TearsOfTheHeart
Nov 17, 02 5:57am
Another lover of Rhapsody! I hope we become cool friends! I'll visit the Rhapsody forum a lot, I hope to see ya there!
Your guestbook is now up by 1000 cuteness points.


Keep Smilin'!!!
Amourette TearsOfTheHeart
Oct 02, 02 3:49am
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.

KalEEna TearsOfTheHeart
Sep 16, 02 3:02am
Hiya, Just wanted to drop in and sign the book. Don't forget to drop by the ff8 forum every once and a while! . Well, I'll be seein ya later!
codemaster b TearsOfTheHeart
Sep 11, 02 12:53pm
You signed mine and it is only right that I
sign yours Well talk to ya some other time I will cya later.

P.S. If you want to neoPM me feel free to do
yuna TearsOfTheHeart
Sep 10, 02 6:29pm
hi i seen you around a i know its a shock but i don't have a ps2 either i just play the game evert time i see my step bro (which is every week) and i got addited
Spanky the great TearsOfTheHeart
Sep 05, 02 3:46am
I came to sign you're guestbook to repay the favor.thanks for signing my guestbook.BYE!
aggie162 TearsOfTheHeart
Aug 24, 02 4:20pm
Uh... I guess you are one crazy mother.....! Huh so how is things? Also thanks for signing my guestbook. You crazy mother.....!