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I just never took time to sign your guestbook sorry! well I hope to see you around neo. you can call on me if you need any help! so WHo ya gonna call? Me!
Hey,how's it hanging?Well hello thought I'd sign your here hello

Hope you like it

Can you return the favor and sign my guestbook...please?

SerialZero here, checking in to say thanks for signing my guestbook so long ago... I apologize for my tardiness in returning the favor. And thanks for your comments on my avatars! See ya around!
Hello! My name is Aya Quintell and I thought it would be nice to sign your guest book for an appropriate introduction. I would love to talk but I have to leave so have fun and best luck to you in your future. Good-Bye!

Sing RahXephon,
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Smile You'll live longer.
Hey, I just thought I'd sign your guestbook. I hope to see you around neo more. By the way you are right LOTR rocks.
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Hi. I saw that you signed my guestbook and i would like to thank you. I really hope to see you around neoseeker alot more. Well i got to go now. Stay safe and i will cya.

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Hey man whatsup I saw that you signed my guestbook so I figured why not sign yours? Thanks for the compliments, see ya later.

Well I'm here to sign you guestbook since you took the time to sign mine. I hope to see you around the KH forum more, and have fun on NeoSeeker!
I'm gald to see another CC fan and I hope I could help you and you could help me. Oh and about CC music I know every single one of them .I wanted to give you good luck on neoseeker. Well see ya.
hi i just want to say your doing great and if you need any help just give me a buzz but until then i need to scream

sorry about that
Hiya! I thought I'll sign your guestbook. You seem like a cool person and all.
See ya around and I hope you sign my guestbook too

I saw your sig, so I signed your guestbook. I hope that you'll sign mine when you see this! Well, I'll be seeing you around, hopefully!
Another lover of Rhapsody! I hope we become cool friends! I'll visit the Rhapsody forum a lot, I hope to see ya there!
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Hiya, Just wanted to drop in and sign the book. Don't forget to drop by the ff8 forum every once and a while! . Well, I'll be seein ya later!
You signed mine and it is only right that I
sign yours Well talk to ya some other time I will cya later.

P.S. If you want to neoPM me feel free to do
hi i seen you around a i know its a shock but i don't have a ps2 either i just play the game evert time i see my step bro (which is every week) and i got addited
I came to sign you're guestbook to repay the favor.thanks for signing my guestbook.BYE!
Uh... I guess you are one crazy mother.....! Huh so how is things? Also thanks for signing my guestbook. You crazy mother.....!