Havent you ever felt sad that you come up with a quote of your own?

Hmm, well this came to the top of my head just a few a moments ago.

I wish I was dead, Cause as soon as the sky turns red, I'll be living underneath your bed~


A good day today. I got many presents from my friends which was AWESOME!

Ohh and I got a secret cupid message from my neo_valentine! >.<3 which was awesome lol.

I just had to let it out[:


Today was pretty weird.

For example,


I got lost Dx

So here's how it went down.

I took the bus from school today,

And I was reaaallly tired and so was my friend who was already asleep next to me.

So i decided to close my eyes and rest till we heard when the bus driver would announce our stop.

But the funny thing is...
The p.a/microphone/speaker was not working!

So while I took a little nap we passed the stop.

And my friend being such a good friend had been able to wake up in time to get down the bus on her stop.

But she didnt even bother waaking me up!

But when I did wake up, it was because she texted me because I had her notebook and she was wondering if I could give it to her when I got home !

Not only was I very furious at her I couldn't belive she was asking a fvaor of me.

So I had to get down at the next stop and since I was short on cash I had to walk back home. Mind you, it was not my choice after all no body was able to pick me up as all of my relatives were working or at school.

So it took me an hour longer to get home and my mom got mad at me because she was worried. Which was funny when I called to inform her she ignored my call. So today was a horrible day that left my body aching/:


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So I saw you in the mirror,
And I was scared,
For what I saw was scary,
And I didn't know if it was me in there.

It may be so confusing,
But that was what I felt,
It maybe my mind disfusing,
From all those hours of reading those Vampire books
But it was time well spent

In the mirror I saw a girl,
Who looked healthy and happy,
It scared to see her so glad and enjoying life,
When she felt exactly the opposite.

But that is what a strong person does, right?
They hide what they feel
and try not to show any hint of fear.

But they don't feel so stong on the inside.

They miss the supportive players on their team.

And learn to live life in shadows and fear.


Date: 02.05.11 Sat. @7:31

Today, I finally reserved my copy of Pokemon Black/White. Which I have been too lazy to do but my sister finally decided to go to Gamestop and I tagged along with her. And when I went to Gamestop I saw that there was an event going on! It was the Shiny Suicune! I could't belive it. But since I had lost my Heart Gold I was not in the mood to know about Pokemon until today! So I guess today was a pretty great day.

is in love with superman[:
I've been waiting for this moment all my life
Love me when I'm here, Love me when I'm gone
Twas a nightmare
who ate my last cookie? :(
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