Hey man, don't really know ya but thanks for voting on my poll (TNA... The Glory Days). Hopefully a few more people can vote and I'll post a card.
Hey there!

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day


.:Matt Addison:.
Hi. Here is a ghetto stamp. everyone loves the ghetto! And everyone hates the 125 charecter minumum!

Sign back for my name is
sup just stoping by to say JUST LET IIT FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sup man just let it fly(sign my guest book)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha, that welcome message is so *bleep*ing old.

Sup? I'd love to stay and chat, but I just came online to sort some things out, and now that I have, I need to do some work. Before I go I thought I'd drop by with this message.

<div align=center><font size="4">SNAKES ON A MUTHA *bleep*ING PLANE!</font></div>

Lol. Anywho, I hope you have a good weekend, I'm going away over the weekend, but I should be back on monday, so I guess I'll talk to you then.

Keep it cool.

Zup thought id sighn your G-book dude

Stamp for Team Xtreme

sighn my Guest Book back please
Your Guestbook's SoxX0rz have been RoxX0red!

I thought I would bless you...

Ameeeeeerican Dreaaaaaaam
He's just a common man
Working hard with his hands
He's just a common man
Working hard for the man
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
If you are black or white*
Redneck bucket backs four wives*
Blew right through kaleidoscope*
Common man has got his gold
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
The American Dream
Yeah Yeah Yeah
The American Dream

Yep it is indeed Sarah Jessica Parker.
You got it with one hint.
Hint explained:
Hint 1: Making love and the town. - Sex and the City in other words.

Banner Used

God she's soooo ugly!! uke:

You have just been squished by the Kamikaze Watermelon of Doom!

I hope you had a Happy Valentines Day filled with love, flowers and big pink balloons!

And YAY! I got a Valentines Day stamp!


Happy Valentines Day

Hopefully everything went your way on this day. And maybe you even got lucky today. But that's none of business, any way have a great one.

Hey there Team Xtreme. I wanted to wish you all the best of year 2006 and have a nice time being the Hairiest Sufrer on the Colorado Coast and Quirkyblah's lapdog. I wanted to stamp j00 damn ass so here it goes.





How many more characters?
My Beautiful Kind Goddess Kali who has very precious time would like me to sign in her honour about how wonderful it was for her to receive a Great signing from you.

From the Loving Goddess Kali and her servant RKOed

vanillagigglez is the best
she is better than the rest
this poem (like her) is very great
but I never expected this to be my fate
she has vanilla in her name
so chocolate isn't her game
she is the best master for a slave
for I the am the victim her anger gave
you wish you could be half as good as her
she is to the best as animals are to fur
Same old welcome message? Jeez you're lazy. You should check out my new thankyou message

Nice match online, you may have won the battle, but the war is still far from over.
HAHA! LLAMAS SUCK, ROFFLE! blah blah blah blah blah.

Thanks for the Header mate I really appreicate it. Anyways heres a Jericho stamp enjoy. And BTW sign my gb sometime

Hey just thought i would sign your Guestbook. LoL your Welcome and Instructions message is funny. Anyway heres a stamp

Since you stamped me with your new stamp I thought I should do the same. Enjoy

Merry Christmas. Hope you and your family have a great holiday. Be safe. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sign back whenever you can please.

Just here to say merry Christmas TX. Thank you for everything you've done for me this year. I havn't forgotten the NCW stuff etc and congrats on becoming a mod as well. Hopefully we can remain friends in the new year.

Signed by...
Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from RKOed

Merry Christmas TX!

Hope you get what you desire, even if it's Hilary Duff.

Love G