Team Hydro Aura shared a link
May 12, 15 4:30am

Are you listening? Good. (Surprising, for you.) Now that I have your attention, I want to tell you about myself. I know I&

Team Hydro Aura
May 11, 15 2:22am
"My talent is getting eaten by dragons, sir."
Team Hydro Aura shared a forum thread
May 05, 15 2:28pm

Ishtar Sink(Archon Priest) with Rainbow Burn!

Team Hydro Aura
May 04, 15 6:46am
Yes, I'm still here... No, I haven't forgotten about you... Yes, I still believe in you. (I always will)
The Legend 207 Team Hydro Aura
Jan 05, 15 2:39pm
So... hi.
flclfool Team Hydro Aura
Nov 28, 14 7:17am
I'm back for Pokemons :) My Y cartridge and all my mons got broken though ;(
Team Hydro Aura
Aug 28, 14 6:38pm
Raising awareness! Please read y'all!!
Krystal Dark Team Hydro Aura
Aug 01, 14 12:12am
Happy Birthday!
Team Hydro Aura
Jul 21, 14 1:10am
I'll see you again, I promise!
Team Hydro Aura
Jul 15, 14 10:15am
Not dead and <3 you all :3
VarietyBlack Team Hydro Aura
Jul 11, 14 12:18am
I really hope you're alright, 'Livia! Miss our chit-chats!
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May 14, 14 1:37am

So I've been thinking over the past two weeks or so, what if Nintendo came up with a Nintendo crossover/Smash Bros. RPG? It certainly has potential to become something great, but how would they go about it? At the core, I thought it may work best...

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May 01, 14 9:51pm

--Quote WD Article-- 1. Don’t assume there is any single path or playbook writers need to follow. (Or, for that matter,

Team Hydro Aura
Apr 30, 14 6:37pm
Sick of people
Team Hydro Aura
Apr 24, 14 11:59pm
"When in doubt, flinch 'em out" - kogosamaru 2014 WeAreHaxNation
DarkWhisperer Team Hydro Aura
Apr 22, 14 8:26pm
kogosamaru Team Hydro Aura
Apr 20, 14 10:35pm
kinda satisfaction u looking for? want food?

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