Tanuki Girl
Aug 25, 15 5:51pm
Went back to school today :/
Tanuki Girl
Aug 10, 15 4:57pm
2 weeks till school starts for me (;v;) excited,,but nervous...
Tanuki Girl
Aug 01, 15 5:30pm
Its strange that my age changed but I don't feel any older :3
Dragonmaiden Tanuki Girl
Jul 31, 15 6:24pm
Oh, yeah! Happy birthday! :D
BIRO Tanuki Girl
Jul 31, 15 4:24am
Tanuki Girl
Jul 18, 15 4:10pm
There is currently a storm where I live. :') //I love the rain<333//
Tanuki Girl
Jul 13, 15 1:39pm
I need more snacks ( ̄▽ ̄)
Tanuki Girl
Jul 11, 15 8:45pm
Finally set up a Skype account! :) //probably won't show my face until I get used to it so *Gomen*//
Tanuki Girl
Jun 30, 15 6:52pm
Comment your birthday if you wanna :) (I wanna take a note of my friends birthdays ( ^ω^ ))
Tanuki Girl
Jun 30, 15 10:58am
Finally on vacation!!~ :) //have summer homework though (~_~) //
Tanuki Girl
Jun 04, 15 8:25pm
No one's up for a chat now a days :/
Tanuki Girl
May 28, 15 8:56pm
"I'm not going to protect you by being your shield or armor, but I'll be the dagger hidden below your pillow." ~Shuu Tsukiyama<333
Tanuki Girl
May 02, 15 12:12am
People come and go from your life, but their footprints in your memories are hard to wipe away.
Tanuki Girl
Apr 04, 15 10:00pm
Its nice to be able to relax now.
Tanuki Girl
Mar 26, 15 6:48pm
I need better sleeping habits...
Tanuki Girl
Mar 17, 15 3:40pm
Hungry and tired is my norm nowadays.
Tanuki Girl
Mar 12, 15 5:41pm
Being a teenager in high school sucks if you think about it in relationship matters.
Tanuki Girl
Mar 07, 15 6:43pm
Problems are temporary, actions are solid.
Tanuki Girl
Mar 02, 15 6:04pm
I was such a big dweeb when i began chatting and trading with people on here //still am
Tanuki Girl
Feb 28, 15 2:03pm
My ow negativity is annoying me. Its irritating when you can't just walk away from something annoying.
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