I've been really busy lately so I barely have any free time anymore (TT w TT) so I haven't been so active on here…
My sleep schedule is all over the place now a days.... =_=
The holidays have passed by so fast!!

School is killing me and coming home to a yelling mom, screaming little step brother, annoying older step brother, a step dad who doesn't really care, and a sister who's a emotional teenager isn't making it better
"Meep! Meep!" - Woooosh!!
It's so cold =w=
i can take drawing requests on here now since i figured out how to post pictures thanks to biro ^_^
Well I don't know what to type on here right now except to say that I'm hungry.... XD

I'm just watching as my friends meanly play Pokemon x or y on their new Nintendo 3DSs in front of me who plays her old Nintendo (Q w Q)/ I'm still far away from buying a new one (TT A TT)

I'm sorry I wasn't here for a VERY LONG time!! And some people told me happy birthday even though I wasn't here cause of 'stuff' (TT A TT) I've just been focusing on school and also on my drawing skill (I still don't draw good) XD
@-@ takeing a break from a drawing I promised someone so ill be on sometimes this week ^_^
Drawing......drawing.....still drawing ^-^
Still drawing even though I just woke up ^_^
I have so little followers T_T ...im so boring...
There waz a dog outside my house....0-0
I just noticed their is a m&m in the corner.....wierd....
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