Tank blogged
Feb 24, 09 3:19pm

Today I didn't do alot.

I got a pallet truck stuck on the back of a trailer carrying all this chemical shit and had to spend 2 hours pulling it out. It stunk like *bleep*!

Tank blogged
Feb 23, 09 2:35am

Got up at 2PM. Rode to town and bought a 6 inch italian BMT from Subway.
Rode back and nearly hit two people who weren't looking when crossing the road. Ate a tin of pineapple. Took my vitamins. Completed Fallout 3 and played on Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for a bit. Starting to feel tired now, *bleep* my life. I've got to go to work at 8:30 and won't get home till 5:30AM.

Wondering what munch to take with me. Probably a feasters chicken sandwich, hell yeah.

xbox 360 other
Tank blogged
Feb 22, 09 3:37pm

I'm laying in bed right now. I've just eaten a bowl of special k red berries. I ordered Moto GP 07, Stranglehold and Lost Planet for the 360 all for about £20.

I'm going to go to sleep after I watch some shit on the internet. I will require more fuel for my bike tommorow.

xbox 360 musingsthoughts
Jul 2, 05 5:08am
Rocks your world ShaunOfTheDead

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