Hey Tancuras just wondering if you still play frontier and if there are still lots of people playing it.Also I'd to play again I lost my account long ago because i didn't logg often enough.Anyhow if you know of anyone getting rid of their acc. or selling it please let me know. thank you.

Here's to hopes of an awesome Christmas and the joys brought by the New Year are in your favor. Remember that
Emiry laves you and hopes you are safe and happy for not only now, but always/most-of-the-time >_>. Don't forget it, though
she has no problem with reminding you. ..One other thing, be careful this year k? No unplanned concussions or
bruised ribs. I Know it'll happen, Freerunning and all but remember you still have to deal with an angry Emiry afterwards.
With that said:
etc. etc.

But what's wrong with this girl?
Gess what you can't banned me because I'm not the one making death notes and threats.
So how about you go back in your little bunny hole okay.Good!
Hey you threanted me again in my gestbook stop or eles you ass.
And incase you did not get my last gb singing you want war and you got it

Hope you have a great birthday, Rhys! *GLOMP* Don't hurt yourself today, silly lion! =3 Talk to you soon!

Has Gud Day,
Your Friend,

I'm just sending some inspiration your way, Rhys. Remember, anything is possible if you put your mind and soul to it. I hope you are doing okay, and that you are safe and happy. Hope to talk to you soon =].

[Ah, and I hope you like the stamp! xD]

Your friend,
When do you buy new ones? They're made for catching messes, so can you actually say, "I wanna get new ones, these are too dirty."

They're supposed to be!

I've been looking for black vinyl, btw.

Oh, and I put up an RP in 'coming attractions'. It'll be a while, but you know.
I can't believe I haven't signed this yet. I read the one you wrote in mine, which was ages ago...by ages I mean like, five months.

So, now I'm signing this.

I'm hoping that in about a year or two when you read this, we'll still be friends. Probably one of the coolest people I've met on neo. (Frozen Atari would be your main competitor. XD ) But, don't change your attitude. Although I'm sure you won't let High School change your ways, I just have to say it. Since, I lost most of my friends around that time.

As I've said before, you're a unique person. You have varying talents and a expansive mind; yet you're able to blend in with 'common' people. Very rare to find that in a teenager, much less anyone.

So, with that, I'm sure we'll talk for a while longer, and I'll keep drowning on the phone. XD

More later!!


Zomg. Tancuras has another signature. Zomg...zomg...zomg.

He's so popular. I'm totally jealous.


Look at MY guestbook...'TANCURAS'!

What kinda fruity name...?
I saw in the PoR fourm your name was rhys and im sorry but thats just cool i had to sign you guestbook lol

You seem to be a cool person. And I can get a long with just about anyone who likes Zelda, so let's "keep it real" as they say. See you around.
I decided to randomly sign your stamp so lucky you.. You have some cool RPs.