"it has to start some whear, it has to start some how, what better place than hear, what better time then now"~~rage agensed the macheins

oh, and if you get online agen, PM ME DAMN IT, I IS FRIGGEN BORING AS HELL HEAR NOW
Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from RKOed

i wanted to sign your guestbook because you signd mine well its payback-post-thingy-majiki-time well see you in the forums
(sorry i dont have any stamp...)
HEY! just signing your guestbook because we're both Ashelin fans! w00t! Even though your a female im gonna say this anyways.. Ashelin has a great set of guns

oooh crap wat did i get myself into now, im gonna stamp u, coz u need some, DONT SIGN MINE, or go ahead i dont care, but go to my neohome, tis alwase funny in my neohome
You stamped me with your sig? In that case, PM me sometime or something.
As said, wtf? Only 2 people including me have signed your guestbook... sorry I don't have a stamp for ya.
Anyway, just signing to sign. I came, I saw, I kicked ass... you know, that kind of thing.
Awww you like my comic!!! YAY! I sign your guestbook now because i like you! XD

Keep on postin', buddy!