DarkMan 5000 Tamara
Oct 24, 06 12:34am
"it has to start some whear, it has to start some how, what better place than hear, what better time then now"~~rage agensed the macheins

oh, and if you get online agen, PM ME DAMN IT, I IS FRIGGEN BORING AS HELL HEAR NOW
RKOed Tamara
Dec 21, 05 2:55am
Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from RKOed

Dec 20, 05 5:10pm
i wanted to sign your guestbook because you signd mine well its payback-post-thingy-majiki-time well see you in the forums
(sorry i dont have any stamp...)
Double_En Tamara
Nov 27, 05 12:16am
HEY! just signing your guestbook because we're both Ashelin fans! w00t! Even though your a female im gonna say this anyways.. Ashelin has a great set of guns

Sayyed Tamara
Nov 3, 05 11:15pm
oooh crap wat did i get myself into now, im gonna stamp u, coz u need some, DONT SIGN MINE, or go ahead i dont care, but go to my neohome, tis alwase funny in my neohome
SavageFrappuccino Tamara
Oct 7, 05 4:39am
You stamped me with your sig? In that case, PM me sometime or something.
SavageFrappuccino Tamara
Oct 3, 05 2:56am
As said, wtf? Only 2 people including me have signed your guestbook... sorry I don't have a stamp for ya.
Anyway, just signing to sign. I came, I saw, I kicked ass... you know, that kind of thing.
Soulevoid Tamara
Dec 9, 04 6:26am
Awww you like my comic!!! YAY! I sign your guestbook now because i like you! XD

Keep on postin', buddy!