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Taki is a ninja who slays demons for a living. She originally joined the quest for Soul Edge in the hope of using the demonic sword to booster her own beloved katana, Rekki-Maru. Only then does she discover the true power of Soul Edge and become more entangled with its fate. Arguably, she's one of most popular characters in the soul series, as she's been featured in all the released titles, but more importantly, it's because she's just that awesome! This little bio-site shall give you reasons for that. Enjoy! :)
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Name Taki
Age 29
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace Fu-Ma No Sato, Japan
Height 5'7" / 170 cm
Weight 117 lbs / 53 kg
Bloodtype A
Weapon Dual Kodachi
Weapon Names Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru
Discipline Musoh-Battoh-Ryu
Family None; all passed b/c of sickness
Master: Toki (former)
Disciple Natsu
b i o g r a p h y

  • Cervantes De Leon, the last known owner of the demonic swords Soul Edge, mysteriously returns after years of absence. He was presumed dead. He spreads terror throughout as he seeks souls to feed Soul Edge. Warriors from across the globe hear the rumours and journey to find Soul Edge for themselves, hoping the "ultimate weapon" brings them fame, fortune, hope and salvation.

  • Whilst Taki is fighting fury demon Gel-o-Fury, she notices a decline in Rekki-Maru's power. Rumours of Soul Edge spread and Taki senses they are the cause of Rekki-Maru's weakening. She decides to travel west and find Soul Edge in the hope of using them to booster Rekki-Maru.

  • In Spain, Sophitia Alexandra tracks down Cerventes and manages to destroy one of the Soul Edge blades by shattering it. Unknown to her, this knocks the power of Soul Edge off-balance, and later causes the birth of the "evil seed". The shattered shards of Soul Edge rain down on Sophitia and she is gravely injured. Taki witnesses the battle and rushes in just as Cervantes is about to take Sophitia's life. She defeats Cervantes and saves Sophitia. However, she does not destroy Cervantes or the remaining Soul Edge.

  • Taki heals Sophitia and extracts a Soul Edge shard that had pierced her body. She takes Sophitia home to Athens and goes back home to Japan, taking the Soul Edge fragment with her.

  • Siegfried Schtauffen tracks down Soul Edge and Cervantes and defeats him. He takes the remaining Soul Edge, but it posses his troubled mind and soul. Siegfried is transformed into the murderous entity "Nightmare", and rampages all over Europe.

      s o u l c a l i b u r
  • Due to Soul Edge's imbalance of power the "evil seed", a demonic catastrophe with the power to cause suffering anywhere and everywhere, is unleashed onto the world. (this is the pillar of light you see at beginning of the Soul Calibur opening video) It creates havoc throughout, poisoning people's minds and even causing great battles and wars.

  • Three years after she returned from Europe, Taki deserts her ninja clan, the Fu-Ma, and becomes a "nuke-nin" (a rogue ninja) because her Master, Toki, became infected by the evil seed and desired Taki's demonic ninjatou, Mekki-Maru. Mekki-Maru was entrusted to Taki by Hachibei, a fellow Fu-Ma nuke-nin who also left the clan through fear of Toki's madness. He warned her of the ninjatou's power and told her never to let it fall into the hands of Toki.

  • Taki now lives in seclusion, constantly chased by the Fu-Ma clan who want to take her life for leaving without permission, and also so they can claim Mekki-Maru for Master Toki. She remembers the shard of Soul Edge she found in Spain, and decides to try and meld it into Mekki-Maru's blade. She once tried to do the same with Rekki-Maru, but Rekki-Maru rejected the dark powers of the shard. Taki hoped that melding the Soul Edge fragment with the demonic Mekki-Maru would cancel out it's powers, but to her surprise, when the metals infuse the ninjatou's evil energy greatly increases.

  • The evil seed grows ever more powerful. Gel-o-Fury, now safely sealed in the Shrine of Confined demons, is gaining power from the evil seed. He manages to break the seal and escape. He gravitates towards Hoko-ji Temple; a temple in Kyoto that is already plagued by disturbed spirits and ghosts.

  • Taki realises that Soul Edge is once again the source of her problems. She decides to quest for the sword again, but this time she also wants to pit Mekki-Maru against Soul Edge. She hopes that a battle between the two demonic swords will cancel out their powers and destroy them.

  • Taki tracks down Soul Edge, but Nightmare had already been defeated by Xianghua (with the help of Kilik). Xianghua and Kilik managed to shatter the remaining Soul Edge, which caused a powerful vortex of evil. Xianghua's sword, the sacred Krita-Yuga that transformed into "Soul Calibur" on contact with Soul Edge, was sucked up into the vortex and lost.

      s o u l c a l i b u r II
  • The world experiences a time of calm after the destruction of Soul Edge, and Taki is now back home in Japan. (it is assumed; never confirmed) However, fours years later the peace ends, and Soul Edge's evil begins to rise again. People had picked up the shards of the sword that were left behind. As the owners of the fragments travel across the world, and each time the fragments change hands, their evil spreads. Some of the shards "grow" into new "companion" blades to Soul Edge. (such as Nightmare's remains of the sword)

  • One day, Taki encounters several Fu-Ma ninja. But instead of trying to kill her, they want to capture her. Taki manages to defeat them, and as she searches through the ninja remains, she finds a metal shard. It is a fragment of Soul Edge, and she works out that Toki must have wanted her alive because he wants information about Soul Edge. He is now trying to collect all of the shards. Taki realises how serious the situation is, and decides that she will get to Soul Edge before Toki or his ninja do. She searches for Soul Edge once more...

      s o u l c a l i b u r III
  • Taki's more worried about Toki despite Soul Edge still being out there. She decides to confront him this time, but she first needs to get rid of the Fu-Ma ninjas with him. She comes up with a plan where she divides the clan by leaking information about the Soul Edge. (the clan members are obssesed with Soul Edge, so if they hear something, they go immediately after it - this is an order by Toki.) Taki manages to kill all of them and sets out her way to Japan. There she makes contact with a rival clan to find Toki. They reveal that he is in Hoko temple, located in the capital.

    Taki enters the Great Buddah shrine where she sees Toki. "There was nothing left of the man that was once her master. His body should have shown his age, yet it was swollen and covered with sinewy muscle, looking as if he wore a suit of heavy armor. His skin took on a dark red hue, reflecting the wild flow of his blood. His fiery red eyes were filled with the bloodlust of a vicious beast."

    Taki barely regocnizes Toki when she sees him. She draws Rekki-Maru to take his life, but as she's about to do it, she hears a sudden familiar voice echoing thoughout the temple. It's the voice of a demon she had once sealed in this arena. Toki has released its seal and now the energy had been absorbed into his body. Taki ignores the voices and gets ready to attack again... Taki eventually defeats him by using the very techniques that Toki himself had taught her. All it's left to do now is finishing him. When she's about to unleash her final strike, she hears a another voice.

    “Taki… is that you? It’s very dark…Bring some light…”

    This time it's the voice of her master that had become almost present again. She tries to call his name, but her words never reaches him, and now she can't even kill him.

    Then suddenly, Toki’s mouth opens widely and an evil spirit comes through his mouth. Taki tries to swing at it quickly, but she doesn’t connect and the entity escapes. The evil spirit flows into the darkness.

    "The entity that Toki has become resembled neither a soul, nor an evil spirit."

    She didn’t know what it was, but she knew that there was only one way her master could revive his powers. Taki now has to find Soul Edge before Toki could get hold of it.

      s o u l c a l i b u r IV { from 8wayrun }
  • Taki pursued Soul Edge, the sword that had driven her master mad and turned him into a monster. She eventually came to the Lost Cathedral, where she saw the two swords locked in the Embrace of Souls and learned, at last, of the spirit sword; a weapon that was able to resist the evil of the cursed sword. Taki was there when the two opposing swords were unleashed and Siegfried and Nightmare fought. But the two blades did not destroy each other as she had hoped. Instead, both grew more powerful than ever before.

  • Together, they sparked a cataclysm and Taki only barely escaped the ensuing malestrom. The Lost Cathedral was obliterated, but Soul Calibur and Soul Edge survived. Even now, the dreadful power of the two swords linked them and brough them closer. They would have to be obliterated one at a time, lest they should come together again. She soon learned that the cursed sword lay in Ostrheinsburg, and that Siegfried was heading to the same location. There was no more time. She set out on her own journey.

  • Taki witnessed everything at the Lost Cathedral. Siefgried had appeared to be seemingly torn asunder by the overwhelming torrent of power, but the spirit sword intervened and kept him alive. Would he be able to cling to his human reason and somehow control the immense power that resided within him? She could not leave that answer to chance. She made her decision, and she would do what must be done.

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