Dress classy; dance cheesy.
“Magicians don't exist.”
if you tossed all i gave you in the trash, i will not *bleep*ing catch a grenade for you
Extremly fun, but didn't get to finish. PrinceOfPersiaTheSandsOfTime PC
Worst one in the series. Repetive, shitty assassination methods, bad voice for the main character, no sign of guards nearby in the map, etc. AssassinsCreed PC
Fun, and a lot to do... although slower than previous game. AssassinsCreedBrotherhood PC
Amazing game with great story, gameplay, and visuals. Only problem is its saving progrss and a couple of glitches. AssassinsCreed2 PC
Great story, gameplay AssassinsCreed2 PC
loves Will
don't leave saul :'(
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