How I found neo
While searching the internet for some sort of cheat website for Smackdown SYM, I came across Neoseeker. Went in, and was greeted by many friendly faces.
Fun fact! The 2 people who replied to my very first friend went on to become my neofriends. One is now a mod!

What have I done while I've been here?
Well, my crowning achievement so far was making a name for myself in SYM. I got nominated for every single award in SYM forum awards (although I didn't win any :()
When Smackdown 6 becomes announced, I will strive to become mod.

(in order of appearance!) Djedwardsmith Welshwizard Da Flave (I miss the guy):( Madgamer169 Kanedertaker Audiophille (formerly gooner_UK) Dan_Bug Nuggy Hard

Where will you see me? Wrestling
Smackdown! Here comes the pain!
All other future and possibly past Smackdowns
Pro Evolution Soccer 3
Eyetoy: Play
Freedom Fighters
Vice City
San Andreas
Neo Emcees open Mic

Thank you for visiting my neohome v1.0. We're doing html in school at the moment, so expect a revamped version very soon.

Man, this shit is out of date! You guys check out my biography instead if you want something not so corny and out of date.