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About Me

Name: Eric
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Location: Indiana, USA


Hello everyone, welcome to my Neohome. As you can see I'm trying to do this without getting codes from anyone else, which is why it is so basic. However, I can't say I did this all on my own, because Ecto5 helped me tremendously with CSS (which is used for the majority of this Neohome). I knew absolutely nothing about CSS, and he taught me everything I know. It's thanks to his patience that I could do all this. Anyway, have a look around and see what you think!


My name is Eric, and I am 16 years old. I was born and raised in a small town in central Indiana, one of the worst states in the US (high smoking, high divorce, high crime, high meth labs, high pollution). My town is relatively nice, containing 15000 people or something similar. It's not bad, but I'm ready to leave and experience life outside of this hellhole.

I attend my local high school and am currently in all Honors classes possible for me to take. My favorite class is probably English, mostly because the teacher is awesome. I also enjoy Journalism, because the teacher is very laid back and I never have to do any work.

I just recently got a girlfriend. She's awesome, and I'm really glad I met her. It's weird, because we dated in 6th grade but then never spoke after we broke up. Then this year rolls around and my friends throw her a birthday party and we started talking again. And now here we are.


I found Neoseeker while looking for some type of DS help back in 2005. I don't really remember what I was looking for, but contrary to most people it wasn't GTA III cheats. I found the DS forum and joined under the account name "dsluva4life2" (because I figured dsluva4life would be taken, obviously).

I stayed around the General DS forum for a few months before branching out into the Mario Kart DS forum, where I met my first Neo-Friend, PaCkEt BoY. He's a really cool guy but we haven't really kept in touch, which is unfortunate.

After seeing that the forum was active, I decided that I wanted to moderate it. I was a complete n00b though, and so I obviously didn't get it. I also tried General DS, as well as Metroid Prime: Hunters a bit later in the year. But there was always someone better that got the position.

I took a break from Neo in mid 2006, probably because I was fed up from not getting a position. I came back a few months later because I was bored, and I haven't left again since.

In early 2007 I was promoted to the Digimon NeoPortal. I helped with the Anime and Digimon World: Dawn sections. Eventually I got bored of Digimon and asked to be demoted in early April of this year.

In February 2008 I was asked to moderate Mario Kart DS. I was pretty surprised, mostly because I thought they hated me for applying so much early in my career. I definitely enjoy it though; it's a neat distraction and it's cool that people respect me. I also joined the Guitar Hero NeoPortal sometime in April of 2008. Hopefully I'll be more productive than I was with the Digimon Portal. In May 2008, I was asked to moderate The World Ends With You with Klope62. I accepted because I loved the game, and the community was a good bunch. However, the forum died rather quickly, and so I asked for demotion in July 2008. In that same month I was also accepted to moderate Sports Wii, my first Section. It's a different experience, but I am enjoying it thus far.