Again we brave the horrific 19th century English setting of Amnesia. This time, we...

totally into survival horror games right now.
This game is one of the BEST games in the WORLD!!! Jak2 PS2
2NE1 is the BEST asian singing group EVER.
is watching vids of Roxas on Youtube. :)
I completed the game a while ago...XD KingdomHearts2 PS2
started watching "Vampire Knight" yesterday and LOVED it! :)
is leaving jk
leaving jk XD
finished drawing Motou Yugu on PAINT.NET
I just got this game like, 2 days ago, and I'm like, 80% finished with it already! X3 KingdomHearts2 PS2
lol in this game I made GOD drive a Hot Rod! XD Scribblenauts DS
trying 2 draw Motou Yugi on PAINT.NET. *VERY DIFFICULT*
Listening to "Iron Man's Theme" :D
Listening to "Bring Me To Life" :D
listening to "Until The Day I Die" :)
is drawing another picture of Sonic :3
WATCH "sonic shorts volume 1-5" on Youtube! day r lol
is very happy cuz she bought 2 Wii games!XD
is unhappy cuz' school is coming...

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