Title says it all, I am offering rare shinies for 5/6 IV legends whether they are Kalos born, non Kalos, shiny or not. My

Welcome to my Trade Center. First, lets take a look at the _Terms and Conditions:_ _1._ Kalos born only please, unless yo

I powersaved a Fancy Vivillon (I know so illegal) so it's not the official event obviously! If anyone wants one I am mai

I am looking for 5-6 IV KB shiny legends (and 6 IV non shiny Xerneas, Yveatal, Zygarde) as well as 6 IV non KB legends. Also

Looking to trade 10+ shinies at a time If you see anything you like, list it and list what you have! Note: Details on so

Just looking to expand my collection. _Rules:_ _1. No Legends 2. KB only 3. Equal value_ Please take a look at what I

Docile nature. IVs in attack, special attack and special defense. Will be cloned for any 5/6 iv shiny offers.

Grand re-opening of my wares as I have been making a google spreadsheet. It is not yet completed. LOW BALL OFFERS WILL NOW

I have bred a variety of spreads of these 5 IV pokemon, I got a shiny out of Caterpie and Ledyba already Caterpie's ar

Anything on my list for trade! http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/49446/t1958453-ft-pokebank-shinies-misdreavus-cottonee-cher

If it's shiny, I have an array of shinies of same value to offer, even Pokebank ones, Kalos born. Non shiny, I can offer

Now most people that have Pokebank shinies clone, so do I. If you don't want a cloned Pokemon, don't comment. Keep i

Feebas is male, non kalos bred. Getting rid of it as I have a kalos bred one and need this ditto that's floating around!

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