We're Dutch twins, 28 y.o. and got in touch with Neoforums when looking for some info on Final Fantasy X. Think it's nice to chitchat with others about the games, so we stayed around.
Always short of time, so not around here too often... periodically. Soooo much behind on correspondence really... too ashamed to mention almost. We enjoy corresponding with our friends (mostly from Asia) via internet, but find it difficult to keep up.
We're shy guys, perfectionistic (but only towards ourselves n eachother, luckily not to others), and like to think we're nice guys. The sort of friends you go to for a good chat, not for parties! Prefer quiet over crowded, noisy places. Like to help others whenever possible.
That's about it, for now. Any questions, feel free to PM us, add us on ICQ or MSN, or send a mail. Thanks for reading this!! :0) :o)

PS: Apologies for putting up the wrong msn for a while, it is Neoseeker_twinten, so without the s which i erroneously put up there.


We've always had a special interest in Asia n Asians. Can't explain why really, just always been that way. We even support Asians in sports over our countrymates! Yeah... you're allowed to call us crazy! ^_^^_^

Fave Games:
Final Fantasy series, which got us here in the first place heh.
We're addicted to Ultima Online, been playing it for 6 years and counting!
We wish we could spend more time on Neverwinter Nights, especially since we play that online with our elder bro.
We also like strategical games a lot, but not vs other players. We like to use that pause button a lot to perfectionalise things! ^_^^_^ To name an example of what we mean:
Age of Empires, finished all campaigns without a kill on our side, yay!
We also like Emperor.
Still have to start on some Romance of the three kingdoms games, which we look forward to. And Shogun Total war, which is supposedly also good. With the Asian settings, bound to be perfect for us! ^_^^_^

Need... more... time!! ;( ;(

When not gaming we like to watch movies, read about Asia, visit friends and play Football. And we support the mighty... erm... humble but respectable Coventry City!! ^_^^_^

Fave music:
Anggun, Ella, Kitaro, Oliver Shanti, Elite, Peter Pan, Ada Band, KLA Project, Vanessa Mae, Vangelis and KRU to name a few. Anggun got the best voice EVER! Oh! And we also rate all FF singers really high, have bought two Faye Wong CD's and would love to get our hands on Emiko Shiratori's material! Her voice is almost or even as good as Anggun's!

Fave movies:
Tai Chi Master, Lifetimes, Heaven & Earth, Hero, and more.


All credits to Vulcan for the Siggy, thanks man!!!
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